Thank You JB...

Thank You JB...


Chapter 1

We Love You...

Dear JB...

We loved your music from the start and until now..

Paul, Joesph and Nickolas Jonas..
Just 3 brothers from NJ who want to live there dream..
And after all this time they still..
the same and NOT these diva rockstars

I love Joe's funny moment
There youtube videos
there songs and everything

There were rumors like
They are gays,they r breaking up and others

well we don't care

And i remember 2 years ago on 1 interview you said...

U have very young fans and you yourself are very young fans are going to grow up you are going to grow up no body is a teen idol forever...

Kevin:We hope that fans will grow w/ us
Niick:We do believe that our fans are amazing and they will be there for us..forever
doesn't usually happens!
Nick:it doesn't usually but these fans are different and like we said we are all growing up together and the mean alot to us and i think they know that we really do care alot for them and i believe that the favor will be returned

And after a while BAM bieber show up and half of the Jonas fans are Bieber's now just to let you know he try his best to be like them!

I'm NOT 1 of these i'm a true JoBro's fan!

And they were right..
We did grow with them
Kevin nw is married,joe went solo
And we were there for them

They are now part of our life
Alot of fans say,,
i miss the old JB
I do 2..
But they still the same the just grow up!!
And it doesn't mean u have 2 move to Bieber!

i do believe i'm going to be a fan 2 support theme forever and i mean it forever

Your fans


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