Jokes about Justin Bieber (haters ONLY)

Wait r u fan?? no then u'r going 2 like this =D
........................yes DONT TAKE THIS

Chapter 1

So true..LOL =D

God I beg you, bring Michael Jackson back and, in exchange, we will give you Justin Bieber :D

People need to STOP calling Justin Bieber GAY she is dating Selena Gomez! Obviously she's NOT GAY she's LESBIAN! DUH! :D

I believe that Justin Bieber is the reason for 2012, everyone is going to die of her high pitch voice. :D

My sister said "all boys hate Justin Bieber", then i said "A lot of girls hate her to because they wish they could sing as high as her." True Story

Michael Jackson - Announces tour date, dies shortly after.
Amy Winehouse - Announces tour date, dies shortly after.
Can't wait for Justin Bieber's next tour

I haven't been this shocked since I found out Justin Bieber was a guy!

To all of you that have Bieber fever: Get well, and recover soon.. PLEASE!!

Canada i don't know wut we did to deserve this but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take that thing you call Justin Beaver away!!!

Katy Perry is living her teenage dream..Lady Ga Ga is ignoring her telephone...Taylor Swift is riding her white horse..Justin Bieber is having a BABY!!

If Justin Bieber came to my school 90% would be screaming where the hell is she!!! 2% would be going home 8% Would mostly be the boys + me would say guns plz !!

Today I saw a picture of Katy Perry kissing Justin Bieber. I finally know who her song "I Kissed A Girl" is about!

go to Google and enter the 50 most looked up women and than go to Google's results and look at number 7..IT WAS JUSTIN IT'S TRUE

All I want for my birthday is for Bieber to be dead... Anyone want to help?

don't worry if the world does end in 2012 just be happy Justin Bieber is going down with us (:

Who is better? Justin Bieber or Mickey Mouse?

Everyone should stop making fun of Justin Bieber! I mean she really is a nice girl! =P

This world is coming to an end.. Volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, Hanna Montana, Justin Bieber..Rebecca Black

i hate you, you hate me, let's tie Justin Bieber to a tree. With an ax and a hammer and a 2 by 4 no more Bieber fever anymore

Dear Santa, could you just kill Justin Bieber for Christmas?

never say never don't make sense ermm didn't she just say it twice

PLZ PLZ PLZ listen 2 the song (Taylor Swift-lucky u) and u will find that she said never say never b4's TRUE

you say lady gaga i say Elvis,you say kesha i say AC-DC,you say taylor swift i say Jimi Hendrix you say justin beiber i strip you and make you listen to the REAL JB (Jonas)

find the word GAY: sdbfrbgdfjojdogfrigkrlgmklrnboihaiohgrwi gfgangurhgprgjustinbeiberbjuadhifo rkgrfnngvorjof

CSI-Justin Drew Bieber dies. Little boy is crying. Mom says "it's ok it was just in act." Little boy says "i know that's why I'm crying."


if THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND I DO MEAN *THE WHOLE WIDE * went 2 THE FAKE JB i'm always and forever with the JoBros!!


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