Charmed---A Hogwarts Love Story! Year 1

Hey! This is my first story, and I worked really hard on it. I would love for people to leave comments, constructive critizim, and thoughts on my story. If u love my stories, PLZZ tell ur friends, cause I know some people have 100's or more, and I only have 55!!!! Ok, get ready....get set....GO!!!!!

P.S- First chapter is just info, lol

Warning-it might SUCK! (Got this idea from someone else!! Not my idea!!)

Chapter 1

Information on YOU!

Your Name Is: Penelope Sahrah
Your Blood Status(like it matters?!?~u think): Half-Blood. Your mother is a wizard, but your father is a muggle.
Your Ethnicity: 50% White 50% Latin ~ Your mother is Latin, and your father is English.
Your Age: 11 in year one. Same age as Harry, Hermione, and Ron. She is 2 years younger than Fred and George, so they are 13.
Your Hair: Brunnete/Black. Long and Wavy.
Your Physical Description: Tall, Has a surfer tan skin-tone. Medium weight/Normal Weight.
You are an animagus, a ruby-throated hummingbird. It's a beautiful bird, go look it up!
Your eye color: Bright Purple. Throughout the story, they change colors. - I'll explain why later.

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