Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? (Student/Teacher Love Story)

This is a student/teacher love story. I thought i'd give this type of story a go, just because it's so damn awesome xD

Character:Marie (Mimi) Di Francesco
Hair:Short/Boy-Cut Dirty-Blonde Hair
Body:5'8" Tall, 160lbs
Personality:Very Tomboy-ish, but can be a girl when she wants.Is outwardly mean, but is a hopeless romantic and is very passionate about the things she loves.Hard to open up to new people, but once she does, you're friends forever.
Hope you love it!!!

Chapter 3


Running...Running through big, empty halls, searching...For what? I run past a corner and skid to a stop, horrified. Bent and busted lockers, blood spattered along the walls, and Alonzo...My sweet Alonzo laying dying and broken on the ground...I scream...

I shot out of bed, tears streaming down my face, screaming my head off. My door burst open and Toni rushed in, looking alarmed.

"Marie! What's up, why are you screaming?!"

"I...it was orrendo, Toni..." She came over and sat beside me on the bed, taking me in her arms and hugging me tightly. "There was so much blood, and..." A sob choked the rest of my words.

"It's just a nightmare Marie, nothing real...Whatever happened was in your dream, not real life..." I pulled back to looked her in the face.

"But don't dreams always mean something? Like if something bad is going to happen..."

"Bad things happen everyday, usually without any kind of warning...You should know that." I nodded, wiping at my eyes.

"I'm sorry I woke you up..." She waved it off.

"It's almost 6am, and I was coming to get you up anyway for school. But it's a Monday, and you don't look so good...Maybe you should stay home another day."

"No...I stayed home all last week except the first day, and I have to turn in all that work you brought home for me anyway. Besides, I can't avoid him forever..."

"Actually, that was why I was coming to get you up..." I looked at her questioningly and she raised her hands in defense. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you right away, but Alonzo...Mr.Moretti, he told me that if you didn't show up today he was going to show up here."

"Seriously? Does he not know what that would do to me..?" I threw my covers off and stood, saying "Go get ready, I have to take a bath..." Stupid cast meant I couldn't take a shower, 'cause then it'd get wet.

Toni nodded and left my room, shutting my door silently behind her. I grabbed my phone and took it with me as I went into my bathroom.

I turned the hot water on full blast, and stripped as the tub filled quickly with water. I got in slowly, the water still going, and turned my phone on.

I had 15 text messages. 15! And they were all from Alonzo! Asking how I was doing, when I was coming back to school, if I was alright...The last one was from around 11pm last night, giving me the same warning Toni had just told me.

I groaned and shut off the water, careful to keep my cast above water. It was a little tough, trying to wash my hair and body with only one hand, but I managed to clean myself and be out of the tub in less than 45 minutes, so it wasn't much. I still had awhile before Toni and I would have to leave for school.

I dressed in a pair of old, torn up black jeans and a gray hooded shirt and went down to meet Toni, who had my backpack waiting.

"Don't you look like a million bucks."

"I'm too tired to dress up. And besides, who would I be dressing up for?"

"I could think of someone..." I glared and Toni helped me get my bag on before heading out the door.

I stopped just before getting into the car, wanting to smack myself in the head.

"I almost forgot...Hold on." I ran back up to my bedroom, grabbing the pill bottle from the bedside table labeled 'Demerol'. The doctor has prescribed something else, but after a rather lengthy discussion about how OTC drugs didn't affect me, he gave me these. They seemed to dull the pain, at least.

I was silent most of the drive to school, and Toni was too, probably for the disapproving way she looked at me as I swallowed two of the pills without a drink. I knew she was afraid I would become addicted, like before. People just couldn't let go of the past, could they?

When we actually did get to school and into first period math, I went straight to the teacher and handed her the papers Toni had brought home for me.

"Thank you Marie. I wasn't actually expecting for these to be turned in..." I shrugged. "We'll be reviewing Friday's test, which you will have to make up, so you may gk tl the library this period. Do you have time today to make it up?"

"Well, I'll have to check what else I'll have to make up, but I can probably come during lunch. It'd have to be quick though, because I leave 6th period early to go to Woodshop."

"6th period will be alright. Here." She handed me a library pass and I thanked her, and went to get my stuff from where I'd dropped it on my desk.

Toni said "What'd she say?"

"I have to come at lunch to make up the test you're about to review."

"Aw, I forgot we were doing that today...Lucky." I shrugged again before picking my stuff up gingerly and leaving the room.

The halls were almost empty, except for the occasional kid skipping. On the way to the library I passed the Woodshop hallway and cringed inwardly, remembering my dream from the night before. Hopefully it was just the product of my mangled imagination, and not some kind of omen.

It was nice and quiet in the library, so I settled down in one of the soft, comfy chair and curled up, almost to take a nap.

And I would've gotten to sleep to if the librarian wouldn't have came over and bothered me.

"Excuse me, but do you have a pass to be here?" I groaned and sat up, pulling the pass from my pocket and handing it to her. "Okay...It's just we get a lot of kids that try to skip in here, you know?"

"Yeah...Fortunately, I'm not a delinquint."

"Thank heavens for that." She went back over to her desk and I curled up again, but couldn't seem to get comfortable.

A second or two, after, I saw why.

Alonzo had strode into the library and was talking to a teacher and the librarian. I cursed to myself. Why would a Woodshop teacher be in the library? Didn't he have something to nail?

I begun laughing hysterically to myself, attracting the attention of several other students that had wandered in while the librarian was distracted. I clamped my hands over my mouth just as Alonzo turned in my direction, and I almost dove behind the nearest bookcase to avoid him seeing me.

After my breathing and color had returned to normal, I peeked around the bookcase to see that Alonzo was gone, and I let out a long breath.

"Marie?" I spun around, immediately feeling dizzy, to face Alonzo less than 3 feet from me.

"What the he.ll?! I could've almost just died, you know."

"You're being melodramatic. And evasive."

When I scowled he said "Come on, let's sit down."


"Mimi..." I stalked away from him and sat back down with my things, and he sat in the other plush chair across from me. "Will you please have a civil conversation with me?"

"No, Mr.Moretti...And I told you not to call me Mimi. Mimi is dead."

"Seriously? You're going to be like that?" I shrugged and pulled my legs up on the chair, hugging them to me. "I thought we were fine last week. I thought you'd gotten over this...aversion, or whatever you wanna call it."

"Avversione? Davvero?" When Alonzo leaned back in his chair smirking, I said "Why are you smirkkng? Is something funny to you?"

"Funny? No. But it seems the time we spent in Italy has carried over here. You've begun speaking in Italian without realizing it." I frowned and the smirk turned into a smile.

"You mean the time I spent in Italy. And who says I speak it without realizing it?" Alonzo raised an eyebrow and I groaned. "Toni..."

"She stayed a few minutes late on Friday to express some of her concerns to me. She's only worried about you, Marie...And I am too. Not just as your teacher but as your friend..."

"We, friends? No. We are not friends. You are my teacher and that is it. And it seems you've built up quite a relationship with Toni, so why don't you go be her 'friend?' You can go woo her and say nice things to her and..."

"Marie! Why would you even say that?!"

I grabbed my bag and stood up, the woozy feeling coming back along with the pain in my hand when I grabbed my bag, and said "We were just 'friends' weren't we?"

As I made my way away from Alonzo, I felt my body tip and I almost fell over, but had just enough time to grab the column beside me to steady myself. I readjusted my bag and, left the library, just as the bell rang.


"Are you sure you should be taking that many, Marie?" I shrugged as I popped two more Demerols as Toni and I headed into the cafeteria.

"I think if it was too many, I'd know. Besides, it still hurts." I didn't mention to her about my encounter with Alonzo in the library, or the ensuing dizziness. She would've freaked and insisted I go back to the hospital.

At the lunch table, several of our buddies were already seated, and came up to see me when I sat my stuff down.

Two of them, Meredith and Jalimar, both said "Where've you been?"

"Don't you know? I got pissed last Monday and bashed a concrete wall and broke my hand." I held up my right hand in triumph.

"We know that...But why weren't you in school?"

"Had to get used to the medicine...Anyway, I'm not staying. I'm just getting lunch then I have to go make up a test for math." I dropped my stuff in my seat and went up in line.

The lunch aide gave me a bit of a hassle for not having a pass, which I though was bull¢rap, but let me through.

I opted to get a hoagie instead of the disgusting looking excuse for soup that was being served. When I got back to the table, Toni helped me get my stuff again and I waved bye to everyone before walking out.

When I got to room 111 where my IB math studies class was and tugged on the door, the handle didn't budge. I looked in the small window and pulled again, but still nothing.

"Dammit!" I threw the sub down and pounded on the door, to no avail. Knowing I couldn't go back to the cafeteria now that I'd already left, I cursed again, knieing there was only one place I could go.

Alonzo looked up in surprise as I burst through the door and dropped my things on the floor by my seat.

"Believe me, I don't wanna be here, but my math teacher wasn't in her room...I was supposed to make up a stupid test..."

"By all means, get comfortable. I definitely don't mind after you insulted and degraded me this morning."

"Thanks." I pulled my stool out and sat, leaning against the cement column, rubbing anxiously at my right hand. The pills finally seemed to be taking effect, though not as fast as I would've liked. Why the hell did my hand hurt anyway? Broken bones weren't supposed to hurt a week after you broke it.

I looked up and stared at the ceiling, pulling out my earbuds to listen to some music. The sounds of Alonzo eating his lunch, magnified by how empty the room was, were anniying me greatly.

As Push Plays 'Midnight Romeo filled my ears, I felt my phone buss in my pocket and pulled it out.

Alonzo, that sonofa...

Enjoying the music Mimi?

I furiously texted back You're not supposed to call me that. And yes, I am.

Typing it technically isn't calling you it...And you're not supposed to have an iPod in school.

My property, I'll do damned well what I want to.

I can take it.

I looked up to see him grinning in my direction, and I suppressed a smile of my own, instead texting back You wouldn't be able to. This cast is good for something besides helping me heal.

You wouldn't?

I would.

I looked up again and Alonzo wasn't in his seat. I slowly put my phone back in my pocket and looked around, but didn't see him anywhere. I didn't hear any doors open or shut, so he still had to be in the room...

I stood and took a few steps and looked around, and shrieked when the hood of my shirt was pulled over my head and a pair of arms closed around my waist.

I pulled the hood off and looked up to see Alonso smiling, looking quite amused.

"Amused yet? Let me go."

"No." I pushed against him with my good hand, but he didn't budge. "Now normally, I know you would be able to get away easily, but with that broken hand..."

I raised my cast up to hit him but he caught it in his left hand, while still maintaining a tight grip on me with his right. I struggled, but that damned lightheaded feeling came over me again and I gave up.

"Damn you Alonzo...This isn't fair..." I wrenched my hand away and he pulled me to his chest as my eyes watered up.

"I never did say I played fair, Mimi...But technically, neither did you. Acting the way you did all summer, and then once it ended you acted as if it never happened..."

"You're the one that said you could lose your job for being involved with a student! And...I thought it would be better if we didn't..." Alonzo pulled back to look me in the face, then he crushed me to him again, kissing the top of my head several times.

"You are such a horrible liar Mimi...But I love you so much for it..."

My few simple tears became full out sobs now, and Alonzo's shirt was fast becoming soaked with salty tears. I cried and cried, holding Alonzo tightly while he whispered to me softly, trying to console me.

Eventually, the bell rang for us Woodshop student and I knew students would be filing in any moment, but I couldn't find the strength to make myself move.

Alone helped me to a back room and into a chair, and said "You can stay in here during the period...Students aren't allowed in, and you can't hear anything from the outside...Excuse me for a second." Alonzo turned and went to a bag on the nearby table and rummaged through, producing a T-shirt.

I gasped a little as he peeled off the gray shirt he'd been wearing to reveal a perfectly sculpted set of lean muscles. I stared openly as he threw the now sodden gray shirt into the bag and pulled the new white one in, saying "I always keep an extra one, in case I want to go for a run after school lets out. I'll uh...send Toni in here..."

I nodded as he went back into the main part of the classroom. Even with the door still open, I could hear a minimal amount of noise.

I managed to hold off on the sobbing just long enough for Toni to rush in and shut the door, and then they came back full force.

"Marie, what happened?! Alonzo said you were distraught, and...You've been crying?" She rushed over and kneeled beside the chair. "Marie...What's gotten into you? You've never been emotional like this before, not since your parents...What happened? Did somebody say or do something to upset you? If it was one of those jerkwad boys..."

I tugged at her shirt tightly, wiping off my tears furiously before staring her in the face. "Alonzo, he...said..."

"Alonzo? If he said something to hurt you, I'll kill him. I'll..." I shook my head violently and Toni said "What?! What'd he tell you?"

"He told me...he loves me..."

Toni's face filled with shock as I broke down again, holding my sleeves to my eyes to catch the falling tears, and vigorously wiping away the ones I missed. I gave up when the ends of my sleeves were soaked and my eyes started to sting from the rubbing. I hugged myself tightly, as if I would literally fall to pieces if I let go. And it felt like I would.

Toni sat on the floor, that still shocked expression on her face.

"He told you...he...loves you? Why?" I shrugged, tearing my fingers through my hair.

"The math teacher wasn't there so I came here, and we were joking around a little bit, but then he started talking kinda serious and I started crying, and he said he loved me...Oh Toni, I don't know what to do! What should I do?"

She stood and threw her hands in the air and said "I don't know! I'm the one that usually comes to you for advice! Plus, something like this is way outta anything I know...Well, what did you say to him? To Alonzo after he told you?"

"Nothing! He told me, and I couldn't stop crying, and...that's when he let me come back here...I don't know if I can handle something like this, Toni..." I slumped in the chair and said "How did I ever get in this mess?"

"I don't know...And now I'm in it, which makes everything super honkey-dorey...Let's just wait until the end of the day, then we'll go home and spend the rest of the afternoon watching tragic love stories and eating an unhealthy amount of junk food. Sound appetizing?"


It was a long, laborious wait until the final bell rang, made longer by the heavy silence. Toni eventually opened the door, but i'd gotten up to slam it once one of the students managed to poke their head in. I hope Alonzo smacked him for that.

Several timed after I'd 'calmed down', I would think of something involving Alonzo and break down in tears all over again. Toni tried to help me, but I just pushed her away. She couldn't help me. I doubted anyone could.

My tear ducts had dried up after the first hour and a half or so, but the sobs continued almost until the final bell.

Once it rang, Toni and I waited until the other kids left to go out and get our stuff. Alonzo had set both our bags on his desk, probably so nobody would touch them. Alonzo himself wasn't in the room, so we just got our stuff and left silently.

At home, I stumbled my way up the stairs to my bedroom and climbed under the covers. Several minutes later, Toni came in with two armfuls of snacks, DVD's, and a box of tissues.

She dumped it all on the bed and said "Okay, what do you wanna watch?"

I picked up the case and said "A Walk To Remember." Toni chuckle as she took it and went to put it in my DVD player.

"And here, I thought you were going to pick Titanic or Armageddon."

"Have you never heard the phrase 'save the best for last'?"

"Ah, so that's it."

We both laughed as Toni jumped under the covers with me as the movie started.

Toni ripped open a bag of Munchos for me as the opening credits began to roll, and I snuggled deeper down into my pillow.

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