Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? (Student/Teacher Love Story)

This is a student/teacher love story. I thought i'd give this type of story a go, just because it's so damn awesome xD

Character:Marie (Mimi) Di Francesco
Hair:Short/Boy-Cut Dirty-Blonde Hair
Body:5'8" Tall, 160lbs
Personality:Very Tomboy-ish, but can be a girl when she wants.Is outwardly mean, but is a hopeless romantic and is very passionate about the things she loves.Hard to open up to new people, but once she does, you're friends forever.
Hope you love it!!!

Chapter 17

Sconosciuto Famiglia

"No, lei ancora non si è svegliato...Ti chiamo quando lei fa...Addio, mamma." There was a beep and Alonzo turned, freezing when he saw me. "Mimi..?"

I smiled weakly and looked at our surroundings, not needing him to tell me where we were. "Which hospital?"

"Woman's and Babies." That was a little odd. What were we doing outside the city when there were two hospitals closer to our house?

Thinking about the house brought back the memories of what happened and I shuddered.

Alonzo sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked my forehead and asked "Are you okay? Do you need something to eat, something to drink? I'm sure the nurses can get a movie or something going in here if you want..."

I looked at him oddly. "What is up with you?"

"You threw up and passed out after finding out that your adoptive dad is your real dad. I think I have a right to be worried."

"I think that reaction is pretty normal, actually..." Alonzo shrugged, his face still scrunched up with distress, and I knew something else was troubling him. I took his hand in mine and squeezed. "I know there's something else, I can see it on your face...Tell me."

A tear appeared at the corner of his eye and I pulled myself up into a sitting position and wiped it away.

"Please..? If you don't tell me, I'll just worry about it, and I'll keep bugging you and bugging you..."

Alonzo sighed. "It's not that I don't wanna tell you, but...I can still barely believe it's happening..."

"Believe what is happening? Did something else go wrong while I was passed out!?" My heart doubled in pace and my breath caught in my throat.

"Shh, shh, calm down Mimi, it isn't anything bad...Anything at all..." I raised an eyebrow. I was so confused.

"Then what is it?!"

Alonzo placed his hand on my stomach and said "We're going to have a baby again."


(Alonzo's PointOfView)

Mimi's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. She didn't say anything, she barely even breathed, and I squeezed her hand just to make sure her precious heart was still beating.

"Mimi, please say something..."

Her mouth finally closed and she swallowed, and her hoarse little voice whispered "But how? We lost our baby when...Elliott..."

Tears began streaming down Mimi's face and I pulled her to me, and she cried silently into my chest.

I just let her cry, knowing this was way too much for her to handle right now. It was only yesterday that she found out who her real father was, and now that we were still gonna have a baby. I could barely handle it myself.

Through her sobs, she forced out "How...is this...possible? I thought..."

"They gave you an ultrasound while you were out, said the baby was a couple of months along...which meant it was there before Elliott...did what he did." She looked up at me, confused. "They must not've noticed it before, but the doctor said you must've been pregnant with twins and only lost the one...It explains why you've been feeling off lately."

Mimi rubbed hard at her eyes and sniffled. "But how could they not have noticed something like that before? It's a baby!"

"Well, they're so tiny in the beginning, and if one was hiding behind the other...I don't know, you'll have to ask the doctor."

She nodded and wiped at her eyes again. "Did you tell anyone else?"

"Didn't have to. Your dad and Toni were here when the doc delivered the news. They're both kinda freaked out about the other news still, especially Toni. I guess neither her or her mom knew your dad had a thing with your mom."

She shrugged. "It would've been a little after him and Jennifer got married, I wouldn't have expected him to tell anyone...I just wish she would've told me!" Tears appeared in Mimi's eyes again, but I could tell they were from anger rather than sadness. I slid down the bed a bit, away from her now flailing arms. "I had to watch my mother die a painful death! I lived my entire life wishing I knew who my father was, and then wondering why he didn't come to help when my mom died! Do you know how it makes me feel that my mother knew who he was and knew how close I was to him, and didn't tell me the truth! I feel like...I feel like she didn't care about my feelings at all..."


I didn't have a chance to calm her down before there was a soft knock on the door and our family entered. Toni stood off to the side with my parents, who Toni and her dad had gone to the train station to get, while her dad came over to us. His face scrunched up when he saw Mimi crying angrily.

I moved out of the way and let them have their private moment, and waited with Toni and my parents.

My mother asked, "Alonzo, il mio bambino, what is going on?" I'd told my parents about the baby, but not about the situation between Mimi and her father. I quickly explained it and my mother gasped audibly. "Come può la mia preziosa figlia in diritto passare attraverso qualcosa di simile?"

"Calm down, mama, this is something they have to talk about..." I looked down at Toni, hoping she noticed the not-so-favorable sneer on my face. "And maybe it's something you should talk about with her too, assuming she's really forgiven you."

"Forgiven me? For what?"

I hadn't been very happy with Toni myself lately, but her acting innocent almost pushed me over the edge. I fought to keep my voice from reaching Mimi's ears as I growled out "You dâmn well know what I'm talking about, Toni. You getting jealous at my fiancée for something your ingrate of a boyfriend did, and then trying to defend him...You're lucky I've let you in here at all."

She gasped and said nothing else.

As the hurried conversation between Mimi and her father finished, she waived me over. I stood by her side and took her hand in mine as her father began to speak.

"I was just telling my...daughter that she would not be able to donate bone marrow to me if I should need it, because it could adversely affect the baby."

I nodded and slowly asked "About the other situation..?"

He sighed. "I knew nothing of this and I'm not sure of anyone else that did...I suggested Marie investigate herself..."

Mimi interrupted him with "But the doctor hasn't released me yet." She pulled her hand out of my grip and crossed her arms over her chest. "I know my mom didn't have much family or friends, but someone had to've known something..."

"Why don't I go?" Both her and her father started.


(Mimi's PointOfView)

"What? No!" He raised an eyebrow, as did my father. "You shouldn't have to go running around after my family and..."

"Who else is gonna do it?"

I glanced up at my father, who held his hands up as if in defense. "They didn't like me enough back then." I rolled my eyes and looked back to Alonzo.

"If you really think you should...We have some of her old stuff at our house, up in the attic, you might find something there..." He nodded and bent down to kiss my hand. "Wait, you're leaving now?!"

"Don't worry, I'll be back in time for you to go to sleep." I smiled. "Besides, my mother is itching to fawn over you, and I have no desire to be around for that."

"Alonzo! Si arriva da qui, è ingrato poco..!" Alonzo quickly dashed out as his mother lashed out at him and made her way to me. "Oh Mimi, mia cara figlia ..."

I chuckled as Mrs. Moretti began to fawn over me, just as Alonzo said.


(Alonzo's PointOfView)

I'd never even known Mimi's house had an attic, let alone that it was finished and done up with a bed and dresser. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a guest bedroom. Though, with how many rooms there was downstairs, I had no idea why they'd need one up here too.

The floor was covered in different boxes and random objects, and some on the bed with 'Mom' scribbled on the side in black marker. I stepped carefully between items and sat on the bed and pulled a box to me.

It was filled with clothes. Shirts, pants, skirts, dresses. All of it had the faint smell of something like perfume, and I wondered if any of this had been touched since the day Mimi's mother died. I put that box off to the side and pulled another one to me, and this one was filled with things about Mimi.

Her baby and childhood pictures, items from her preschool and elementary school days, and I even found a tiny gold bracelet inscribed with Mimi's name on one side, and her mother's on the other.

The third box was indeed the charm, because I found a bunch of Mimi's mother's personal items. Old papers and files from her work, some books that still had bookmarks in them, an old pair of glasses...and a tiny leather-bound address book riddled with names.

I carefully packed everything back up and took the tiny address book downstairs with me, deciding to go straight to someone that would definitely know the truth. Or, at least, be able to help me find someone who would. I flipped through the old paper pages until I found an labelled Mama Giulietta, and was momentarily stunned.

I shook off my surprise at her grandmother's name and took note of the address, which I knew wasn't very far from here, and took the tiny book with me into my car as I hunted down Mimi's family.

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