Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? (Student/Teacher Love Story)

This is a student/teacher love story. I thought i'd give this type of story a go, just because it's so damn awesome xD

Character:Marie (Mimi) Di Francesco
Hair:Short/Boy-Cut Dirty-Blonde Hair
Body:5'8" Tall, 160lbs
Personality:Very Tomboy-ish, but can be a girl when she wants.Is outwardly mean, but is a hopeless romantic and is very passionate about the things she loves.Hard to open up to new people, but once she does, you're friends forever.
Hope you love it!!!

Chapter 1

Back Home

"Come on Marie, we're gonna be late for our flight!"

"I'm coming!" I hurried and pulled my bags from our hotel room and stuffed them in the trunk of our taxi, and we hurried off.

Ok, so this summer i'd gone on vacation, all expenses paid, with my best friend Toni and her family. (Well, she was actually made my adopted-sister 2 years ago when her parents took me in.) We'd driven all over Italy and visited all the famous cities:Rome, Bologna, Milan, Florence, Venice, and Verona. I especially enjoyed Venice, because we rode the gondolas and sandolos everywhere we could, day or night. Toni's family had lots of money, and we could've bought the gondolas if we'd wanted. (We didn't though.)

Right now though, it was nearing the end of August, and we were all racing to the airport to catch our flight back to the states.

"Più veloce! You're going too damn slow!" I yelled and the driver sped up. Toni and I had to stay behind after her parents left for the airport before us, to buy the tickets. Plus, we also took a long time packing.

We finally got to the airport with a half hour to go until the plane left. I paid the driver and instructed him to keep the change, and we hauled a/ss to the terminal. Toni's parents were waiting there, just giving the lady our tickets.

"'Bout time you kids got here! Come on." Her parents went ahead in and Toni and I were about to, when a very familiar face appeared behind us.

"Alonzo!" I ran and hugged Alonzo tightly. We'd met in Venice when we tried to tag the same gondola for a ride. We'd gotten to know eachother and he tagged along with us on our trip through Italy. He was a fellow tourist, like myself.

"Mimi! I just came to see you off."

'Well, i'm very appreciative. Grazi." He laughed.

"Wrong form of 'Thank You', but very good." I couldn't help but smile as his bright baby blues stared at me, and his smile practically glowed with radiance. "You'll keep in contact with me, right?"

"Of course. And once you get back to the states, you must come find me. I demand it." He laughed again.

"I will. And i'll even be there to cheer you on when you graduate. That is this year, right?"

"End of the school year, yup." I was going to be a senior in high school. Alonzo was older, by 5 or 6 years, I think. But i'd turned 18 over this summer, so it wasn't a matter of concern. Toni had actually encouraged me to get to know him, and her parents liked him. "So, see you sometime soon?"

"Absolutely." We hugged again tightly, and I planted a little kiss on his cheek. He was grinning ear-to-ear as I followed Toni onto the plane. We grabbed our first class seats behind her parents, and I opted for the window, just so I could see the land below us as we took off. It was a beautiful sight, i'd found, back in June when we left for Italy. And I used to be scared to go up in the air so high.

After a little while, the announcement was made that we were taking off, and I gripped the armrests excitedly, and shook with euphoria.

"Dang Marie, cool down a little. Don't make me take away your caffeine."

"But i'm so excited! This summer was so awesome, and...awesome!" Toni laughed.

"I can see that. I'm guessing Alonzo was especially good too."

"Why yes, he was. And we're gonna meet up back in the states, too. Apparently, he just came into a new job near where we live, so we'll have lots of time to reconnect."

"Yeah...Like 'reconnecting' is all you'll be doing...So, did you fill up your camera with pictures of your new lover?" I made a face.

"He's not my lover...But yes. Many hundreds of pictures that will go all over my walls at home." Toni shook her head, chuckling.

"Oh, the madness..." I pushed her as the plane finally sped up and took off from the ground, leaving beautiful Italy, and Alonzo, behind.

2 Weeks Later, In The States. School Is Starting Today

"Toni! Come on, we're gonna be late for school!"

"I'm coming!" Toni grabbed her backpack and we rushed down into her silver 2011 Corvette Convertible, with the top already down.

"And it was only 2 weeks ago you were rushing me. Let's go!" Toni started it up and sped away towards the high school. It was our first day back after summer break. We'd purposefully picked all the same classes so we'd have them all together, and were even taking woodshop. And, according to some rumors floating around, the old guy that used to teach it retired, and they got some new young guy to take his place. Sure, I had my eye on Alonzo (not that anyone would ever get me to admit it), but this guy would be teaching Toni and I 2 hours a day, for the next 9 1/2 months. But first, we had to get through all the boring classes first. CA, Math, all that cr@p.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Most of the day went pretty good. Caught up with some old classmates, teachers, and most importantly, figured out which classes i'll like and really try at. Toni and I even got out old lunch table that we'd had since freshman year. Things were set.

It was 6th period now, and Toni and I had finished our lunches and left early, to go to last period. Woodshop was the last 2 1/2 periods of the day, so we only got half a lunch period, but it was cool. I'd give up time to eat for doing something I loved any day.

Toni and I entered the classroom and I immediately took off the flowy plaid shirt I had on over my blue Rolling Stone T-shirt. It was incredibly hot in the wing of the school, because there was no A/C, and I could already feel the sweat on my back.

"This is gonna suck all during September...But at least it'll be cool during the Winter." Toni nodded. She had no overshirt to take off, and I could tell the heat bothered her just a little bit. She wasn't nearly as sensitive to the heat as I was, and it was bothering her.

"I can't wait for Autumn...God, I can't believe I jsut said that...I hate the cold." We laughed as the teacher entered from a side room, and sat at his computer to take attendance. I couldn't see his face, but just from how he walked, I could tell he definitely wasn't old at all. Toni elbowed me. "Looks like the rumors were true."

"Thank the gods for that...No white-haired old man to deal with the entire year." We laughed, and the teacher began to call out names in no particular order.

"Joshua Rodriguez?"


"Anthony Gonzalez?"

"Here." Something sounded vaguely familiar about the teacher's voice, though...Maybe we'd met before or something, I didn't know. I couldn't even see the guys face yet.

"Marie Di Friancesco..?" Even though he spoke it with an very weird tone, I answered.

"Here." He peered around the computer monitor and I finally got a good look at his face, and immediately wished I didn't.

Alonzo. Alonzo was my Woodshop teacher.

We stared at eachother in shock, silently taking in eachothers faces...

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