Marauders?...JaJaJa...More Like Maraudetts

Marauders?...JaJaJa...More Like Maraudetts

Here's the story by me, xBVBx, AdventorousSlytherin, and harrypotterfan971
Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 1

Brooke POV's

I was sitting in my usual compartment with Venus, Madison, and Parker. We are also known the Maraudetts. We were on our to Hogwarts, talking about what we should do this year to get at the Marauders for what they did to us last year.
"So we are set,"I said smiling from ear to ear.Our compartment door open and in step none other than the Marauders.
"Look who we have here,"said Sirius with a smirk.
"What do you want?,"asked Madison annoyed.
"Just came to warn you that this year our pranks have gottong better,"said James.
"Don't worry about us, you should be worry about yourself actually,"said Parks. They laughed and left.
"We better do something big to them,"said Madison with a little bit of anger flowing through her voice.
"Oh you know we are,"said Parks with a bitter sweet voice. We started to discuss ideas again.
We were having a great time, being our goofy selfs when a group of girlspassed by and one of them glared at me. I looked at her the same way as she moved on.
"I'll be right back,"I said standing up, but Venus grabbed my arm.
"Cat she's not worth it,"she said knowing I was about to give that girl's face a new look.
"I don't take crap from no one, you know that!,"I winned trying to get up. Viper and Parks started to laugh.
"Girl calm down,"said Viper.
"Yeah just breath in nd out,"said Parks.
"Yeah they just hate cause we are everything they ever wanted to be......Plus, you did make out with Bailey's boyfriend last year,"said Viper.
"That was Bailey?,"I asked in debelief. They laughed and nodded.
"Mhhh? Well, if she was better he wouldn't have been wondering,"I said with a smirk.
"And you wonder why almost every girl in Hogwarts loaths you,"said V smiling.
"Let them hate all they want. It's not like they matter,"I said flipping my hair. Viper and Parks laughed while V rolled her eyes.
"Come on, lets go change,"said Venus standing up. We got our robes and went to the restrooms, where we changed since last year. In our third year we found some guys peaking at us when we were changing, so we don't change in our compartment anymore.
By the time we change we were already at Hogwarts, I smiled to myself. I felt this was going to be a great year.
I looked at the other and they were all smiling, except V. I knew Venus hated being a Slytherin as much as I hate being stuck at Ravenclaw. Most of the Slythering hate her, and call her names. Ones we were walking she accidently bumped into a Slytherin girl,Katie. Katie started yelling at her callling her a bunch of different names. Katie step too far ny calling her a mublood, and that was all I needed to hear. Lets just say Katie won't be calling anybody a mudblood for a long time.
"Hey V don't worry. and if any of those freaks tell you something, just tell me I'll take care of it,"I told her with a smile.
"You mean we'll take care of it,"said Viper pointing to her and Parks.
"Thanks..that's why I love you guys,"said V hugging us. After V released us from her timeless hug, we got off the train and got on the first empty carriage we saw. We were about to start moving when the Marauders got on. We all looked at them confused, hadn't they seen us? They all looked at us and gave us an evil grin. This is going to be one heck of a ride........

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