Who Said I Didn't? (An L Love Story)

Chapter 2


Beyond Birthday sat in the small, dark corner of the library. He curled into a ball as he read his gruesome horror novel.

Blood splattered across the clear white walls. He starred down at his victim and smiled. No one would ever disrespect him again. His wife got what she deserved- a slow and painfull death, watching her blood spill and stain the white carpet beneath her. His green eyes were filled with hunger. Each scream only made him more eager to finish her off. More eager to hear the sound of her heartbeat stop.

Beyond bit bottom lip. His lips curved into an unnoticeable smile. What was this feeling that over came him? It was as if a bolt of lightning just struck. He wanted something. Yearned for it. Craved it. Maybe the metallic taste of blood could fufill his wants? Beyond shook his head, scolding himself. No matter how bad he wanted it, his crazed fantasies could not be fufilled in real life. Beyond bit his thumb thoughtfully. Maybe his wants could be fufilled, but by who?

Catching sight of the lonely raven, Miku set her book down and cautiously walked over to him. She bit her bottom lip as she met his red eyes. Just like that everything seemed to vanished. Everything around her swirled into disoriented circles of red, reminding her of his eyes. She felt as if she was melting just by the sight of them. The uneasiness she had before was gone. Her muscles untensed during that period of time. Miku was truly caught in a trance.

Beyond seemed to be feeling the same way. His train of thought was running wild. No matter what he couldn't grasp a single thought. Like smoke, it was impossible to trap. Beyond also seemed intruged by the blonde's vibe towards him. Any normal person would've ran once they saw his eyes. Miku didn't. Beyond bit his thumb thoughtfully, still looking at his new entertainment. Is Miku normal? Finally, the smile that he had been supressing showed. In Beyonds head he had a devious plan, with an offer that Miku couldn't refuse.

The high pitch ring of Mika's alarm clocked awoke her from a deep sleep. She stretched and yawned before rubbing her eyes as an attempt to make her more focused and ready for the day. She glanced at the bed across the room. Baby blue covers were sprawled out on the unmade bed. White pillows were thrown on the ground. Mika sighed and turned her hazel eyes down to her lap. Everything was there except for on thing: Miku.

Ignoring her twins absence, the sixteen year old genius tossed the her thick violet covers off of her, stretched once more, and started to pick out her outfit for the day. After taking a shower and combing through her tangled curls, she threw on a pair of denim shorts and her light blue tank top. She fiddled with the dark blue bow that held her high ponytail before slipping her small feet into her cerulean colored flats.

Meanwhile, Beyond stood up from his small corner and grabbed his book. He walked right past Miku without a second glance, even though he longed to see her glazed over green eyes again. The contact of their arms slightly rub against eachother as they passed made Beyond grit his teeth and scold himself again. Miku didn't dare look back at him as he proceeded toward the library exit. Once he was gone, Miku rubbed the part of her arm that made contact with his. His cold pale skin against hers. The thought sent shivers up her spine. With a light tint of pink on her cheeks, Miku closed her eyes and looked down.

What is this feeling? She thought, her blush starting to fade. What was that? A connection? She racked her brain for an answaer, but still came up with nothing. I feel as though I should follow him. Like I should to talk to him. Placing her thumb and index finger on the bottom f her chin, Miku pursed her lips. This feeling is so foreign to me. It's unknown. The sound of her name pulled Miku back to reality.

"What's wrong?" Miku turned around to face her twin.

"Nothing. Just a feeling I had."

Mika's thin brows pulled together. She took a seat on the other side of a table and motioned for Miku to follow. Mika leaned closer into the table as her sister took a seat across from her. She looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping before giving Miku her full attention. "Well how does it feel?"

Miku searched her brain for the right word to describe it. Undescribable? Unimagineable? Bliss? No! She tapped the table with her long nails, angered with herself for not already coming up with a conclusion. Still, only one word came to mind. Miku grumbled something about having a short vocabulary before answering. "Unknown."

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