Who Said I Didn't? (An L Love Story)

Chapter 12

{Extra} Chocolate Kiss {Filler}

"Would you like a kiss Mika-san?"

The blonde's eyes nearly doubled n size as she stared at the older. She was confused, then shocked, then embarrassed. It just didn't make sense. Such a sentence escaped his lips, sounding so dirty, yet his eyes looked innocent up at her. She turned back to the computer screen, hand on her cheek, and tried to cover up her reddening face. She was well aware of the raven's eyes never leaving her.

"Mika-san? Why is your face red?" He leaned out of his chair and closer to the young girl, making her face only brightened as she leaned back. eventually letting out a squeal, the chair fell back and she flailed her arms and legs once the cold hard floor met her. Like a monkey, L got off of his chair and crawled over to her. Leaning over Mika with beady eyes, she asked once more in a slow tone.

"Would you like a kiss, Mika-san?"

"I- Well- Uh . . ."

L leaned closer, his onyx eyes glancing between her pink lips and blue eyes.

"You look cute when you're flustered, Mika-chan." He noted in a nonchalant voice, dropping the -san honorific. Mika's face grew more red at the statement.

"I'll give you a kiss anyway." L added. Mika's eyes widened. She had never had her first kiss. And her first kiss . . . She would be sharing it with L. The young detective suddenly stood, shuffling around the room, and left Mika sitting on the floor looking unsure.

He soon cae back with something in his hand. Mika looked at the innocent looking man in confusion.

"I thought you said you were giing me a kiss." She reminded. L nodded and grabbed her hand.

"I am," He placed a small chocolate in her hand, "A Hershey's Kiss." Mika blushed in embarassment and started to unwrap the small chocolate.

"Th-Thank you, Ryuzaki. I-I thought you meant something else." She placed the sweet treeat in her mouth and left it sitting their. She didin't chew like he would have, just left it their to melt in her mouth. Occasionally licking it.

L was starring again.

"Oh." Seemed to be all he could say. An awkward silence came over them before a sudden rush of lips met Mika's. They were cold and pale, but sweet like candy. His tongue forced his way through her pink barrirers and entered her wet cavern. His pink member licked her clean, all the melted chocolate that she had simply left in their was being sucked out by L.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as the flavor of chocolate mixed in with his natural sweetness. He suddenly pulled away and licked the small part of chocolate on his lips. Mika looked away in embarrassment.

"That's what I was going to give you." L stood and sat back in his chair. Mika still sat on the floor dazed. She touched her lips, then blushed. Just what was that? She asled herself. As if reading her mind, L had already responded.

"That, my dear, was a chocolate kiss. Cherish it." He mumbled the last part so Mika didin't hear, but she seemed already content with his answer.

"Can we do that again?"

L shook his head. "You're such a pervert, Mika-san."

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