The Boy Named Winter

The Boy Named Winter

A beautiful girl has a dark, yet romanced-filled past. This story is about her journey, and how she came to be a lonely thirty year old woman, living by herself in an abandoned forest with no-one to care for but spiders and wandering deer. I guarantee this will be filled with romance and mystery and I hope you enjoy :)

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Chapter 5

Angry Looks

by: thekincat
The carriage rattled and shook as Cat sat, wordlessly looking out the window at the dusty road. Her hands were tightly folded together in her lap, perfect nails glinting with red polish. A cloud passed overhead and the afternoon sun shone through the trees bordering the road. Cat's hair gleamed as it illuminated the cabin, shocking the three small girls who were bursting with anticipation.

"I'll bet Mhatty will be all grown up by now," the black haired one whispered, eyes wild, "and I bet you that Pa will have smoked hair!"

"D'you think my Ma will recognize me?" the scrawniest squeaked, nervous.

Princess Rosianne glanced up from her lap and examined the girls closely.

"I'm sure she will, Melotic."

"And my Ma?" Ruby and Katie said in unison.


Cat barely heard the hushed conversation, her thoughts were occupied with the fight between archers that morning. Why couldn't she be normal like the other ladies? She didn't want to be ogled at, fought over, admired from every angle. There was a reason things between her and the King had ended once he found out about her. Really, he should have seen it from the beginning, with Cat looking the way she did. But maybe his mind had been tricking him, like all the other men. Victims.

Cat winced as they passed a tree, a blue ribbon tide around one of the limbs. The colour barely rivaled the icy blue of...his...eyes but it was close enough to send a shock through her brain.

He..Winter, she thought, was a whole different story. The way she felt when she had met his gaze, the way his shirt hung over his toned arms, the way his teeth had shone as he talked to Arty....She had only seen him twice, but she wanted to be with him forever.

Of course, she was just being silly. The feelings would pass, noone fell in love like that. If something did happen with them, it would only end in heartbreak once he found out what she was. But what was she thinking?! She hadn't even truly met Winter yet.

"Lady Cat?" Katie's bold voice jolted Cat from her thoughts, "Your hair is falling, if you would let me fix it.."

Cat reached up to pat her head. Several silky blue strands were floating among dust specks in the heat.

"If you must, Katie-kitten." Cat shot a glance at Rosianne. She wanted to just go back to the castle and curl up in her chamber with a warm cup of milk, but she had promised the servant girls a trip to the town to see their families.

Katie was tucking the strands of hair into a thin braid with wide brown eyes as they pulled onto a cobbled road.

"We are here!" Ruby burst out, red hair flying as she sat up, the velvet seat underneath her puffing slightly.

They passed several shops on the outskirts with displays of hanging meat, fresh bread and bright flowers. Cat glimpsed a rather fat old woman holding a straw basket, her wispy grey hair covered with a floral shawl. Beady eyes met Cat's, and the woman shot Cat a look of hatred as she hurried away.

Cat sighed, and a shopowner spied her through the small carriage window. The blonde woman stared pointedly at Cat with envy, hands clenched in fists. Her husband flourished a rude gesture in their direction and the contents of the clothing shop turned curiously towards the carriage. Cat could feel eyes burning into the back of her head as she made sure Ruby, Katie and Melotic hadn't seen anything.

The girls were busy chattering but Rosianne coughed.

"Perhaps it would be safer if you were to stay inside during our visit, Lady Cat." Rosianne twisted her wedding ring nervously.

"That is what WE are for, my princess." The deep voice of a Guard member spoke up, opening the door. They had stopped.

"Yes," Rosianne said impatiently, "but..."

She was interrupted by a loud thunk on the side of the carriage. A rock. The townsfolk were throwing rocks.

"Down, if you please your Highness, Lady Cat, girls." the guard's voice boomed.

The five of them ducked onto the wooden floor as the thunks continued. Cat could hear shouting outside.

"The guards will arrest the rebels and we will be on our way home soon. I'm sorry girls, we will take you to see your relatives another time." the princess' voice rang out.

Cat couldn't say anything. She just covered her face, cramped against the suddenly claustrophobic carriage. It was all her fault. They obviously weren't throwing rocks because of the princess or the girls. No tears came though, as Cat threw her head back and sighed.

"Girls, I will make sure you have a week with your families. I can do my own hair, I just want you to have a break for awhile."

The shouting stopped abruptly and the carriage whipped around. The others sat back up slowly but Cat remained on the floor.

"It is alright, Lady Cat" Melotic gave Cat a small smile

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