The Boy Named Winter

The Boy Named Winter

A beautiful girl has a dark, yet romanced-filled past. This story is about her journey, and how she came to be a lonely thirty year old woman, living by herself in an abandoned forest with no-one to care for but spiders and wandering deer. I guarantee this will be filled with romance and mystery and I hope you enjoy :)

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Chapter 3

The Greenhouse and the Eyes

by: thekincat
The fight with the King was upsetting, but it did not put a large dent in Cat's day. She was used to Lynnx's outbreaks, and only sighed as she sat down on the wooden bench next to a particularly beautiful pink plant, its vine-like stem set with thorns.

"Catty..?" a dreamy voice wondered from the back of the greenhouse.

It was Jenny, a sweet old lady with a heart the size of her gumboots, which reached past the woman's knobbly knees. A gifted gardener and florist, the old lady was like a grandmother to Cat, and the girl loved her with all her heart.

"Over here, Jen," Cat was surprised to hear her own voice was a little shaky.

The wizened gardener made her way through rows of exotic and mysterious plants, looking out at the birds fluttering in the nearby trees. The greenhouse lay on the edge of the forest, not far from the courtyard, and it only took a stroll down the main path from the stable to reach it. It was the place Cat went whenever she needed to escape from goings-on in the castle. Jenny, who spent most of her time inside pruning and watering the plants, always seemed to sense whether Cat seeked company or needed to mull over things on her own. This was one of those times when the Cat needed a hug and a few encouraging words.

"Deary, what is wrong?" Jenny sat, wincing slightly, on the bench next to Cat. She put an arm around the girl.

Cat smiled at her mentor, "I'm fine really, Jen. It's nothing, I was just..." Her gaze caught a storming figure in the distant courtyard and she fell silent. It was him.

Jen saw where Cat's attention had settled and spoke up, her voice strong in its age, "My Cat. Don't ever let it bother you. His Majesty is young and reckless and he will regret everything eventually."

"He won't. I can tell. His thick skull, for the rest of his existence, will continue to think down and aggressively at my kind and nothing can stop it. He is an ignorant and self absorbed snot and if he were not the King I would take it upon myself to take an axe and murder that bastar...." Cat had not realized she was standing and waving a rake rather menacingly in the direction of the person she loved the most.

"It seems, Lady Cat, that the King is extremely lucky to be in his high position. I for one, would not like you to be put in the dungeons and I recommend you take a stroll through the woods to settle yourself." Jen's eyes twinkled and Cat gathered her wits.

"I'm sorry Jen."

"I understand, child."

Cat bade the gentle florist farewell, but instead of heading off in the direction of the trees, she strode towards the courtyard and the fountain where only a half hour earlier she had dropped a coin in its bubbling waters. Her wish was that the King would forget her. A good lot that had done, she scoffed.

Clouds had taken over the sky and forced out the sun. A rumbling sound boomed throughout the castle, and Cat shivered despite herself. Thunder. She hoped her horse would be alright. The brave little animal had gone through everything and more, but the effects of a storm always frightened him. As she passed the stables she gave a nod at Arty, her horse would be safe in the boy's hands.

Even as the first few droplets of rain began to fall, four men ran to her and begged to escort inside safely. She recognized one as the King's adviser and almost laughed. What Lynnx would do to that poor man if he ever saw he was helping her.

Cat turned down her admirers, shaking her magnificent head, and decided she would pay a visit to the princess. Although the fair princess was indeed sister to the King, the girl was completely the opposite. Already happily married and a proud mother of two, Princess Rosianne was Cat's closest thing to a friend. She had long fiery hair that was always worked into a fantastically braided masterpiece and her flirtatious smile rivaled Cat's ruby lips. Cat had always wished that it was Rosianne running the kingdom, the princess had always had strong opinions and deliberate ways. However, rule was passed down by sons and the old King Michex and his wife Queen Rubeau had only had two children.

Cat treaded carefully up the marble stairs to the Royal Family's sleeping areas. She passed three servants caring bathrobes and breakfast trays, each time letting a small breath of relief when she saw the were not the King. She wanted no more conflict that morning.

It wasn't until the top stair when she saw him.

"Blood and guts!" Cat cursed under her breath.

However, it seemed her lucky coin had finally worked. Lynnx's eyes were focused on a scroll splayed in front of him and he turned into the nearest chamber, his grey eyes worried.

Cat thanked God, though she was not a religious woman, and skipped merrily to the farthest door in the long hall. She knocked briskly three times and then gave the door a slap. It was their secret knock. Both Cat and Rosianne thought it was childish but they always did it none the less.

As she waited for the door to open, Cat turned around and looked over the railing down at the space below. It was a great open hall with a grand entrance of many golden statues and marble flooring. The open space, usually used for balls and such had many passageways leading off to unknown rooms such as servants beds and the kitchens. The most impressive feature, a large marble staircase, led up to a second level where the Royal bedrooms were located, and where Cat stood now.

"Lady Cat!" the joyful voice of the princess rang in Cat's ears.

But before she turned around to embrace her friend, Cat spotted a boy standing in the entrance below. It was far and she could not make out his features except for a pair of beautiful blue eyes. They were like ice and she turned away quickly as though they had shocked her.

Cat followed Rosianne into her room, but not before turning around to look at the entrance. The boy was gone. In his place stood the adviser, angrily yelling at a servant for dropping the King's meal. Cat shook her head, the boy probably hadn't even been there.

But flashes of cool blue kept interuppting her dreams that night.

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