The Boy Named Winter

The Boy Named Winter

A beautiful girl has a dark, yet romanced-filled past. This story is about her journey, and how she came to be a lonely thirty year old woman, living by herself in an abandoned forest with no-one to care for but spiders and wandering deer. I guarantee this will be filled with romance and mystery and I hope you enjoy :)

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Chapter 2

The Beginning of the Past

by: thekincat
Black hair whipped around her face as Lady Cat strolled through the courtyard. Her emerald eyes twinkled in the early morning sunlight, and she tossed a small coin into the huge palace fountain as she passed. The lavish red gown she wore matched the colour of her lips perfectly and her satin slippers practically floated across the cobblestone as if the Lady were on clouds.

"Good morning, my Lady!" a stable lad said brightly, as she passed the horses' stalls.

"Good morning to you, Arty!" Cat gave a small courtesy and strayed off the path of the courtyard to where the scrawny boy was brushing a strong black mare.

Unlike the other ladies of the court, Lady Cat Fyre did not mind conversing with the servants and those who were thought "below" her rank. Truth be told, Cat rather disliked the other ladies, who were so snobby and vain in their ways. Of course, the other ladies did not take to Cat either. They envied her beauty and despised how men would stare at Cat when she entered a room. It was not hurtful to Cat, no, she had long been accustomed to such treatment. It wasn't just jealous womanfolk either. On more than one occasion a crazed young man had attempted to harm Cat while she was traveling to another kingdom, upset he could not have her, and she was used to the whistling and taunts of men even within the court. That was why she liked the company of children. They were awestruck with her beauty, but she could tell they didn't have the revolting thoughts of their elders when they saw Cat's perfect body.

Indeed, as she went to greet Arty, no more than ten or eleven men watched her curves from the passageways circling the courtyard as she shook her hair back from her face. Sunlight caught her mane and even young Arty froze to see the hint of blue glint in Cat's locks.

"So,'s my baby?"

"The grey one? He is recovering well, my lady."

Cat smiled as Arty showed her to the back of the stable where a small grey speckled pony snorted happily.



"What attacked him again?"

Cat examined the cuts along the braying animal's back, "Just a bartender, I believe. We were riding through the town, and the man.....lost control."

She smiled at Arty, who gave a nervous grin back. She patted the pony on the head and was about to make her way back to the courtyard when someone spoke up.

"Lady Cat." It was a rough, low voice, that made Cat shiver. There was a strong sense of dislike in the sound of her name.

"King Lynnx. I had no idea you were here." She was facing away from him and had no intention of turning around.

"I had merely come to see how the horses where doing as far as health. It is of the utmost importance the animals are ready for battle."

"Mm. I was not aware a battle was brewing. I thought we were at piece with all seven kingdoms, your Highness." She turned angrily around and spotted him, sitting on a low stack of hay in the corner of on of the stalls.

"You had thought right, Lady, until a fortnight ago. The Duke of Manchea payed a visit and took a liking to one of our.....people." He growled the last word.

Cat took in his steely expression. His grey eyes stared into hers, and she felt herself focusing on the shape of his lips and his shaggy brown hair. Beautiful and young though he was, Cat hated him with every part of her body.

"And who might this..... 'person' be?" Cat tossed her hair over one shoulder and she saw him momentarily lose focus as it settled on her revealing dress.

"One who is not new to snaring helpless men into her traps of beauty, Lady Cat."

"Your highness. You have complained before, yet you cease to throw me from the grounds, and...." Her anger was interrupted.

"Lady Cat!" he shouted, "If you can be called a 'lady', for God's sake! The only thing keeping me from feeding your unnaturalness to the wolves is my fool of a sister! Clearly she does not see the strange behind your beauty, clearly no other man does either! I despise you sharing the same air as me, sleeping in the same castle as me..!"

"You did not mind where I slept a year ago, your Highness." Cat snarled, throwing a shovel out of her way as she ran to the greenhouse, leaving the young King standing there fuming, with a very shocked and bewildered Arty.

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