Torn Between Two

This story is for i_LuV_MiCKeY_MouSe contest, so I hope you guys enjoy

Chapter 1

The Fight for His Life

''Rosalina's P.O.V.''

The sky was literally dark as I raced through the woods looking for my best friends Michael and Wylie. No stars speckled across but only the moon gave off little light as I moved further into the woods.

Ten months ago, Michael and Wylie had found out that I had a huge crush on them when they went through my stuff in my room while I was downstairs. Turns out, they both liked me, too. But unfortunately, they were at war with each other constantly as the school year dragged on.

So, instead of handling their situation like they were supposed to, such as talking out their feelings to see who deserved to be with me more than the other did, some idiot adivised them to fight each other. But not some regular fight with the punching, kicking, and slapping, but a fight that involved a murder. One of them had to die so the other could have me all to himself.

If I knew it was going to go this far, I would've found a way to change their mind much earlier or kept my crush a secret. The fight wasn't confirmed until Wylie found out Michael kissed me at my locker and made love to me in his car almost eight months ago.

''Six hours before...''

"You can't do this!" I yelled at Michael, trying to keep him from making the ''biggest'' mistake of his life.

"I have no other choice," he simply told me as he stared ahead.

School had just let out and I was failing at getting into Michael's head. Almost the entire seniors at Roveward High had heard about the fight and were going to attend. That gave Michael and Wylie more confidence to fight each other.

I clutched his arm and squeezed it. "Michael, please! If you love me as your best friend, you wouldn't do this."

He sighed. "That's the problem. I don't love you as a best friend... more of as a lover. And I'm not letting Wylie take you away from me."

"If you go through with this, you ''and'' Wylie won't have me because you two will be dead! I can't bear to lose one of you! Losing you both will rip me to pieces!"

"That's the risk we're taking." He began to walk away. I groaned in frustration and followed.

"Are you not listening to me? You'll be ''dead'', Michael! You and Wylie don't deserve to go through this, no matter how much you love me."

He quit walking and turned toward me, pulling me into a tight embrace and kissing me softly. "I love you." Then he was gone.

''Two hours before''

"Why did you agree to this?" I asked Wylie, who was sitting across from me in his room. He was staring at the floor.

"I'm sure you know why." he mumbled.

"There's no other way around this? I mean seriously, why would you risk your lives over me?"

"Because we both love you but you can only have one of us."

"So, what, that makes it okay to kill yourselves over a girl?"

"I guess so," he responded.

I shook my head. I couldn't stop them. They were too damn lovesick to realize that they were putting their lives in danger 'nor did they realize they were actually hurting the one they were fighting for.


The further I went, the louder the chants were as they echoed through the eerie woods. I ducked under thick tree branches, squeezed through the tight spaces, and pushed through the leaves and plants that blocked my path.

I had to stop that fight no matter what. If I had to jump off a cliff and into a pile of jagged rocks, I would do so.

I finally reached a meduim-size crowd, shouting and yelling at the two in the center. I pushed my way through and to my worst nightmare, Michael and Wylie were swinging at each other's body with a pocket knife. Wylie barely missed Michael's throat and Michael barely missed Wylie's torso.

I tried to run in but I felt pairs of arms holding me back. "Let them fight!" they yelled in unsion.

I pushed them off of me but once again was held back. This time, they made sure they had a tight grip on me; yanking me back everytime I made an attempt to go stop them. These people were heartless if they wanted see two sweet, caring boys make fools of themselves and murder each other.

Michael swung at Wylie and slashed his waist. Wylie yelled in agony as he jumped back from Michael's reach while clutching his wound. Everyone cheered and they cheered louder when Wylie jabbed the knife into Michael's arm.

Michael yanked on the knife and threw it furiously, clutching his bleeding arm. His face was scrunched in pain. Wylie grabbed the knife and jabbed Michael's left thigh.

"Ah!" Michael staggered back, falling onto the ground removing the knife once more. He slowly got back onto his feet and limped back, clutching his knife tightly.

"You're a dead man..." Wylie growled as he charged and Michael charged as well.

''Michael's P.O.V.''

My eyes widened and my heart skipped several beats as I let go of the bloody knife and limped backwards. Thoughts were scattered about in my head and it took me a moment to realize what happened.

Loud gasps echoed and were followed by silence. Wylie staggered back, his chest heaving irregularly, and his eyes wide in shock as well.

''What had we done???''

Rosalina fell to the ground, blood pouring from the deep wounds we caused.

Quickly, I snatched off my shirt and used it to slow the bleeding. I pulled her limp body into my arms and watched helplessly as her breathing slowed. I glanced at Wylie. He was trying to stop the bleeding as well while calling for help.

"The ambulance is not going to get here in time!" I yelled, lifting up her weak body.

"It's worth the chance!" Wylie replied.

I looked around. Most people had ran while others stayed behind to make sure if she was okay. But she wasn't...

''later at the hospital''

Wylie and I sat in the waiting room after getting treated for our wounds. The nurses and doctors continously asked what happened but we refused to tell, worried that the police may get involved.

Wylie paced back and forth for over an hour. "We should have listened to her. We should have worked things out a different way. Ugh, how could we be so...stupid!?"

I sighed and buried my face into my hands. "How could we actually agree on something like this?"

Suddenly, everything went quiet for a moment. I looked up and saw Wylie talking to a nurse. I got up and followed, only to be met with a sad gaze.

"She didn't...." I gulped back at the lump in my throat. "S-she didn't make it...did she?"

The nurse glanced down and slowly shook her head. Tears streamed down Wylie's face as he walked away and slumped down into a seat.

My knees buckled then collasped as I cried my heart out, my eyes flooded with tears. My stomach cramped as I let my emotions out, anger and sadness boiling in my veins. I suddenly had the urge to destroy everything in this hospital but it subsided when I felt someone lift me up by my arm. I looked over to my right and saw Wylie. His cheeks were stained with dry tears.

"Congratulations," he softly told me.

I looked at him confused. "What?" He nodded his head toward a nurse and I followed his gaze. She was carrying a pink blanket in her arms that held a small, light-skin, fragile baby.

"Is that..." I trailed off as she handed me the girl. I craddled her carefully and immediately, a smile replaced my frown.

"Yeah, that's your daughter." Wylie stated, a smile on his lips.

"You mean... she was pregnant the whole time? And I never noticed?" I looked at Wylie.

"No one noticed. She seemed to keep it covered it up somehow, I guess. But we're lucky that she survived." Wylie stroked her cheek and a small smile tugged on my baby's lips.

"What's her name going to be?" he asked.

I thought a moment. "Rosie Yvonne Jackson," I stated proudly. Rosie slowly fluttered her eyes open and I caught a quick glimpse of her hazel eyes. I sighed.

"Just like your mother..."


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