Naruto Love Story

Chapter 1


by: MaxxLava
You’re walking alone through the forest when you hear someone’s footsteps behind you. You start walking faster hoping whoever it was would go away. You just got back from a long mission and didn’t want to deal with anyone. Your follower didn’t take your hint so you turned around. Naruto was standing a few feet away from you with a big dorky grin. “Hey ___ what are you doing out here?” he asked. You stared at him. “Why are you stalking me?” you asked laughing. “I’m not stalking you, its diner time and you said when you got from you mission you would buy me roman.” He said. “Oh yeah I forgot lets go I’m starving.” You said. Naruto grabbed your hand and you guys ran all the way to the roman shop.

The two of you sat and ate. Naruto would keep looking up from his roman and smiling at you. He always cheered you up whenever something got you down. “Do you like me ___?” Naruto asked suddenly. You could feel your cheeks getting hot. Naruto looked into his bowel. “I do like you, a lot.” You said. He looked up at you and gave you his big smile. You laughed and so did he. You paid for the roman and jumped out of your seat. Naruto held your hand all the way to your house. “I’ll see you later.” You said. Naruto grabbed your hand and spun you around. “Wha…” you tried to say but you were interrupted by Naruto lips on yours. You felt your eyes tear up and Naruto pulled away. “Please don’t cry. I’m sorry.” Naruto said. You kissed him again. “I love you Naruto.” You said. He pulled you into a big hug. “I love you too.” Naruto said happily. He kissed your forehead and said goodnight.

You laid awake all night thinking about Naruto. It was 4am when you heard a knock at you window. You got up and rubbed your eyes. You opened your window and Naruto jumped in. “_____ be my girlfriend.” he said. Before you could answer he picked you up and laid you back in bed. “Well what do you say?” he asked. “Of course.” You replied. Naruto laid down next to you and pulled you into a hug. When you woke up Naruto was still in your bed. You kissed him and he opened his eyes. “Your beautiful ___.” He said. He kissed you softly. You laid your head on his chest and drifted into a wonderful dream filled sleep.

Naruto shook you awake. You looked at the clock. “Naruto we’re late for training.” You said sitting up. Naruto freaked out and fell off the bed. You laughed at him. He grabbed your hand and ran out of the house. “Oh man we’re in so much trouble.” Naruto said panicked.
When you got to your normal training spot Sakura was staring at you and you realized Naruto was still holding your hand, which made you blush. “Why are you two late?” Kakashi asked. Naruto’s face turned bright red and he looked around nervously. “We umm… over slept.” Naruto said embarrassed. Sakura looked at you wide eyed. “Well don’t be late again. Okay Let continue.” He said.

After you two went to Naruto’s house and he made some instant roman. You sat on the floor in front of his bed. “My shoulders are killing me.” You said. Naruto sat one his bed behind you and started rubbing your shoulders. “Thanks Naruto, you’re the best.” You said. He leaned down and kissed you cheek. You turned around and kissed him making you two fell back on his bed. You both laughed. “Wow ____ eager much.” Naruto said laughing. He put hand on the back of your neck and pulled you into a long kiss.


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