Old School

A little girl,Sandi, goes into a old school and gets trapped in. Sandi has to find a way out before she is found and killed.

Chapter 1


by: spot8
Trees and bushes grow up the walls. Boarded windows prevent anyone from seeing inside. The chains on the doors make it hard to get in, but I'm able to get inside. Slowly i walk in observing the school. Cob webs and dirt covers basically everything. A gust of wind blows in front of me and the door slams shut shaking the windows. I turn on my flashlight and turn around slowly scared to death of what is behind me. Behind me a girl stands staring at me with violet eyes.
"Hello. my name is Vicky." Vicky says holding out her hand
"Hey." I say a little freaked out
"Are you going to tell me your name?" Vicky asks
"Yeah. Its um... Sandi." I replied calming down
Vicky looks behind me and nods.
I look back to see a guy walk out from behind a box and come towards me. I start to back up and hit Vicky on the way towards the door. When I go to open the door the guy is already there holding it shut.
"Why you going so early?" The guy asks in a creepy voice
I just stare at him.
"Since you don't want to answer you can't leave." The guy simply says
Vicky grabs me by the arm and pulls me away.

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