He Who Loves No One. (Tom Riddle Love story)*

All rights and credits go to J.K Rowling and whomever else deserves them.

Chapter 1

Tom Riddle

Finally. I was returning to Hogwarts! Away from them. How I depise those muggles!
I boarded the train and sat alone, I was staring out the window when the door opened.
"Oh hello Riddle, may I sit with you? Every other compartment is full," said a girl as she came in, I recognized her as Evelyn Dove, she had been at the same orphanage as me but, we didn't really talk. Usually keeping to ourselves. Last summer she was adopted at the begining of Summer to a couple of the biggest muggles I've ever seen. They were the very image of muggle.
"Fine," I said as I returned to looking out the window. I heard her rummage through a bag and then flipping of pages, I looked over to see she was quietly reading. Thankfully, people usually tried to converse with me though I would much prefer not to speak.
I decided to do a bit of reading myself when suddenly the door opened again.
"There you are Dove! Come sit with the rest of us," said the boy, John Crypt. Dove looked at me then back at Crypt.
"I'm sorry but, I have bit of a headache and am in no state for socializing, I think I'll just stay here with Riddle, where it's nice and quiet," she said with a small smile. Crypt glared at me and then gave Dove a fake smile.
"It's okay," he said, 'liar' I thought, "see you later," he said as he left and closed the door.
Dove let out a sigh of relief than looked at me, "why aren't you with your little gang of Slytherins?" she asked. I smiled.
"I too have a headache and am not up to 'socializing'," she smiled.
"You know I lied about that headache, huh,"
"Of course, then again, if I had friends like Crypt I would do anything not to hang out with them,"
"I... their nice people okay. Just..."
"Annoying," I guesssed.
"Yeah," she said with a smile, "annoying," then she went back to reading her book. I opened my mouth to speak but, unsure about what so I closed my mouth and conintued reading until it was time to change into our uniforms, I left the compartment for her to change and then she left for a bit to allow me to change.
"So you excited to be back at Hogwarts?" she asked.
"Yes," I said curtly. She smiled.
"Me too, except I'll be back at the orphanage this summer," she said.
"The muggle parents found out what I am and said they were returning me," she said it like it was nothing, "thank goodness too, I just couldn't take being raised by them, at least at the orphanage they didn't make me compete in these muggle competions," I raised an eyebrow.
"What sort of competion?"
"Oh the most horrid. Beauty contests," she said as if it were poison, which made me smile. She laughed.
"Well, looks like we're here, see you around Riddle," she said, adjusting her blue tie.
"Later Dove," I said and watched her disappear into the crowd outside of the compartment, I sat ther for a while longer and then left for the carriages. There was no one to share my carriage with. Thankfully.
I walked into the Great Hall and joined the rest of the Slytherins who all seemed eager to say hi to me and offer me a seat next to them. I sat down next to Danny Parsen, a fifth year, just like me.
"Oi, look at that one," he said pointing at a Slytherin girl, "she's a looker, eh?"
"Sure if you like big ears," I retorted and we both laughed. He liked to check girls out and I often found myself divulging in pointing at girls and making snide comments about them.
"How about... that one?" Danny asked pointing at Gryffindor girl.
"Since when did huge teeth become sexy?" Danny snorted.
"What about her?" he pointed at a Hufflepuff.
"Not even a desperate man would want her," I said. Parsen smiled.
"Her," he said pointing at a Ravenclaw. I realized her to be Dove.
"I think that's enough girls for now," I said.
"We only did three! Not even all the houses!" Parsen whined.
"Fine," I said through gritted teeth, "let's hope she's as good of a snogger as she is smart," Parsen smiled, "can we be done now?" I asked, pretty agitated.
"Yeah," just then the Headmaster began his speech.

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