Luminous Approaches (George Weasley Fanfic)

Yes, this is another fanfic. I was bored. I edited something out of this now.

Chapter 1

Minor Introductions

Walking down the hall, Bertram Gare tried to pull her hideous and unstable hair back. She was late for potions. She didn't understand why she still had to attend a class even if she was late. Couldn't she just skip it and move on with another impending doom?

"Damn... Damn hair. Damn Professor Snape. Ooh, stupid rock -- almost tripped from that bloody waste of space..." she continued to rant off endlessly about every flaw she saw. She had a strange accent... Almost as if she had difficulty saying it and was forcing it out. In fact, her pronunciation of 'damn' came out as 'demn'.

Her whole surrounding was eerily quiet and seemingly empty.

And there she had it, she did trip on something she failed to take a glance on. In frustration, she tore her messenger bag away from her shoulder until it reached her neck. It was stuck somewhere in her robe. It hurt her neck, but she was angry. She tugged at it harder until she cooled down a little. When she had the decency to think straight, she lifted it slightly higher.

Bertram had the class with the stuck-up Ravenclaw's. Sure, they were smart, but they were also snotty. At least most of them are, if they truly and proudly knew they had the intelligence.

She was friends with some of them. The ones who just spend their time in the library and scarcely raise their noses. She liked having people she could talk endlessly about books. And she also didn't mind being called a nerd; as soon as it doesn't have an insult next to it.

The bag opened itself and released some books. The obvious textbooks had filth and dog ears in them, while another was different; clean, bright and seemingly new. It was titled, The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

It was a pocket book and the paper was brown. Which was partly the reason she couldn't finish it; Bertram hated small fonts and brown dull paper. She preferred larger-than-palm sized books, larger fonts and white or beige paper. Whatever was easier to read.

"Gahh! Stupid bag!" she blamed the unfortunate carrier of her rubbish for her mistake. Underneath it, an ink bottle popped open. It dripped and inhabited the space of her notebook.

In front of her scowling face, shadows invaded her sight. She glared at the darkness and was thinking of quick and annoying insults. She groaned when she noticed who it was; the Weasley Twins. No one could beat them at their own game.

"Well, well, well--" the one on her left started.

"Look who it is--" continued the one on the right.

"The one and only--"

"Purlett girl." finished the one on the right.

She prepared another stupid remark and started with, "Well, well, well, if it isn't-- Wait, what?" she had a blank look on her face until she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Purlett girl." grinned both of the twins.


"Purlett girl," they repeated.

"That's new - Never heard of it until now, where did that come from?"

"No idea."

"Well, what does it mean?" replied Bertram, expecting more of an excuse to skip class.

They shrugged and the one on the right said, "No idea."

"If I insult you... Will you go away?" she said, struggling to get up and clean her stuff.

"If it's good," replied the one on the left as both boys smiled and looked at each other.

"Just wait a minute..." she murmured, throwing her books in the bag and neatly placing the novel in the pocket side. The ink bottle was completely empty, the remains were spilled on the floor while her notebook was slightly soaked. She picked the ink bottle and flitted through the notes to see if the writings were still noticeable. Only the cover and some places on the side were damaged.

She sighed in relief.

"All right... Let's do this... Hmm..." said Bertram, staring in the distance and tapping her chin. No good one was appearing in her brain. "Aha! Blood traitors!"

She never knew the significance of that word and 'mudblood'. She was one of the latter, but she didn't care. It's like in her old home, everyone else was street smarts while she was book smarts, so she couldn't understand any of the teasing.

The smile left Fred and George's faces. Their faces dropped. And another expression arrived. This time, some kind of terrifying one appeared. Bertram stared at the eyes of the one on the right and she wanted to rot in a hole or even shrink away. But she mistook their faces for rage, but all in all; it was pain. She hated disappointing people, since their faces always show their feelings.

And she felt she was forced to feel guilty. And she did force herself.

"Say, Fred, any comments?" the twin on the right said.

"Yes, George, I do. How about we give her our version of hell?" they both quickly masked their pain in grins.

"I agree - How about we start with McGonaggal first? Heard she's terrified of the bloody professor."

She stared wide-eyed at him. The teacher won't look at her the same as before. The professor would gossip about her to the other teachers. The other teachers won't look at her the same as before. All of them would lower her grades. Oh, the horror!

But that wasn't their only version of hell.


What do you think? I was really tired and couldn't keep the sarcastic comments to myself and I was tempted to write an open-close parenthesis and write a whole lot of author's note to contradict whatever I wrote... But I was lazy. So not today.

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