Can Your Bestfriend Become Your Lover?

Name: Spencer Smith
Appearance: Long light brown hair. 5'7, Athletic. Skinny. Great curves. Mid-night blue eyes. Light Carmel skin.
Bestfriend: Andy and Zoey
Personality: Funny, Smart, Witty, Protective, Has a temper,Lazy, Childish.
Here is a love story i daydreamed of.
So Spencer is a girl. And she is 18. About to go to college with her Best Friend (Andy) And they take a road trip.
But things go wrong when someone falls in love. Hard.
Can your Bestfriend become your Lover?

Chapter 1


by: Megaronii
I grabbed the
last box. Thank God i thought. My arms were aching and were becoming heavy.
"Its the last one!" I yelled as i walked out of my house and saw my bestfriend loading the car up.
"Awesome. Now all we have to do is say goodbye..." He said looking at me.
"What?" I said.
He shook his head and smiled. I instantly smiled back. God, he is hot i thought.
I turned away before he could see me blush and ask questions. I walked to my mom and hugged her tight. Than my little sister, Megan. I kissed her honey-colored hair. Just like my mothers. Her rosy cheeks were covered up in tears.
"Oh mom..." I said, hugging her again and squeezing my eyes shut.
"Oh Spencer. Please be careful. Have a nice trip." She nodded to Andy and hurried into the house. When she gets emotional she runs away, just like me. At least we have something in common.
"Bye-Bye Spencer..." Megan said huggin my waist, Her skinny arms tightening there grip. I bent down and hug her close.
"Bye. I love you. With all my heart." i said. I patted me chest. As she patted her. I smiled and kissed her cheek. And walked back to Andy.
He hugged Megan quickly. Whispering something in her ear, making her smile widely.
I walked to the passenger car.
Goodbyes are horrible.....i thought as Andy slid in the drivers seat.
"We can stay if you want...'' he said. I realized i was crying.
"No. I have to leave the nest.." i said. And tried to give the biggest smile i could manage. But he could see right through that.
He nodded and started the car. Pulling out of my driveway. Away from my home. From my family.

Was it goood? I hope so.
Oh and if you want to be in the story just put down
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