Devil's Bite (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

uh, my first fan fic. don't judge me >.>
so i really have no clue why i am doing this or what the plot will be. usually i plan this stuff out but with this one i have no phucking clue what the HELLL i'm doing.
always awkward.
yeah... so i don't think i'm really going along with the real story. like i said, i don't know.
feel free to, you know, comment or message me some ideas.
so comment, rate, fr, and favourite. and stuff.


Chapter 57


by: dobby
Four Months Later

Every day I woke, now, my window showed a bright summer's day. As much as I loved winter, summer really made me smile. The lake was shining and the ground was filled with green grass. I could see the Quidditch Pitch clearly - er, well, the fake pitch, that is.
My stomach was quite large, now, and for the past few months I could feel her kicking. Oh, my Farrah. It made me smile each time she moved.
I sat with Seamus and Ronald out in the courtyard, working on some summer homework Snape had assigned us. "Blimey," Ron sighed. "How does Snape expect us to do this?"
I rolled my eyes with a smile. "Ron, this is completely easy. Just read the book and write a paper on it, he's cut us some slack."
"Easy for you to say," Ron mumbled. "You're like Hermione's daughter. Why am I working on this so early, anyway? Summer homework means I bloody work on it at the end of summer."
I laughed. Seamus added, "I know, Pip makes you work like hell -"
Suddenly, I felt a looseness in me. Like something was missing. I held my stomach, my brow furrowed. "Bloody hell, Pip, are you... going to the washroom on that chair?" Ron spat, backing up with Seamus.
I gasped and looked down, jumping up. "Oh God, that's... that's water! My water's broke! My water's bloody broke!"
Ron furrowed his brow, while Seamus panicked. "What do you mean, your water's broke?!"
"She's having her baby, Ron!" Seamus snapped, helping me inside as I groaned in pain.
Ron started to instantly panic as much as Seamus was. "Oh bloody hell, what do we do?"
"Pomfrey, I need Pomfrey." I mumbled, feeling sick.
Seamus looked me in the eyes, his own eyes worried. "Ron, get Draco. I'll get her to Pomfrey, just go get Malfoy."
Ron flailed his disappointed. "What? Why me?" he whined.
Seamus glared. "Ron!"
"Fine," he groaned, slumping off down the hall. Everything was surreal to me. I was getting dizzy and could barely feel Seamus by my side. All I could feel was my child in my stomach, ready to see the light.
I was about to give birth.

Draco sat in the Potions room alone, his hands folded and his mind elsewhere. He was going to do it. Tomorrow was the day that his father set for him, and he was going to let the Death Eaters loose in the school.
He was going to kill Dumbledore.
He couldn't fall back, either. He had promised for Snape's life that Dumbledore would be dead, he had to prove to his father and the Dark Lord that he was worthy.
This is what he had always wanted, to be next to Voldemort. To help him win. He did truly love Piper, but the sad thing was... not even she could change it. He had become a Death Eater well before he met her. One girl, no matter how much she meant, was not going to change Draco's vow.
As he swallowed and closed his eyes shut, someone came bursting through the door. "Malfoy!"
Draco opened his eyes and spun around in his chair, his brow furrowed. It was none other than Ronald Weasley. "What do you want, Weasel?"
But Ron had other things on his mind then to be insulted by Draco's name calling. He was sweating and breathing hard, as if he had been running a marathon. "Malfoy, not now! I've been looking ages for you. Piper, she's in labour, she's giving birth!"
Draco shot up from his chair. "What?"
Ron nodded, Draco rushed out the door as they bolted to the infirmary. Draco threw open the door. The first thing he saw was Hermione rushing up to him, an annoyed look on her face. "Are you crazy? You're going to wake the children! Hush!"
Draco's eyes went wide. "Children? Granger, what the bloody hell are you talking about?"
Hermione sighed. "Go see for yourself."
Draco swallowed and walked into the infirmary, hesitant with his steps. He was shaking; he had never realized how big of a moment this would be. He really was... a father.
Hermione and Ron stayed at the door, despite Ron's protests. Draco walked to the last hospital bed, which was covered with curtains as people bickered inside. He could see the silhouette of Madam Pomfrey and Seamus, Piper lying down on her bed with... with two tiny humans in her hands.
Draco didn't want to open the curtains without permission. He cleared his throat.
Seamus peeked out and saw him. Saw the curious but scared look on Draco's face. He nodded and opened the curtain enough for Draco to come in.
Piper smiled up at him, holding two babies in her hand; one a boy, one a boy. Her voice was tired and cracking as she spoke, but she was happy nonetheless. "Looks like we both get a good end of the deal."
Scorpius and Farrah.
Draco suddenly cracked a grin as he kneeled down beside Piper, Pomfrey scooting out of the way. He gently held Scorpius' tiny foot in his hand, it wasn't even bigger than his palm. "Look how small they are." he whispered.
Piper giggled, kissing the top of Farrah's head as Draco took Scorpius in his. The infant started to cry, but Draco soon calmed him to the point where he was falling asleep. Pomfrey was grinning like a fool, as well. "It was a very fast birth, Piper's very lucky. Two healthy children, too."
"Yeah," Seamus cracked a grin as Piper handed him Farrah. "Look at little Farrah. Uncle Shay's going to have to keep the boy's off of you, won't he?"
"Seamus," Piper laughed.
"What?" he said innocently.
Hermione, who Draco hadn't even realized came in, rested her head on Ron's shoulder and sighed. "They're so precious."
"Can I hold Scorpius?" Ron asked.
Draco was hesitant, but nodded and handed his baby boy over to the Weasley. Ron instantly smiled and tickled the baby's belly while Hermione kissed his head. "He's a handsome young lad," Seamus commented, rocking Farrah.
"Not such a madman, now is he, Weasley?" Draco joked.
Piper shot him a look, but Ron didn't seem to be phased for a first. "No. No, he's not. Not one bit."
Draco then took Farrah in his hands and sat next to Piper, admiring the infant's long blond eyelashes and pure red lips. "Wow," he whispered.
Piper grinned and kissed Draco on the head. "I know,"
Too bad you'll have to abandon them tomorrow. said a voice at the back of Draco's head. The magic in the moment fell and Draco's face turned solemn.
It was true. No way was Piper ever going to trust him after tomorrow.
But I have to.

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