Devil's Bite (Draco Malfoy Love Story)

uh, my first fan fic. don't judge me >.>
so i really have no clue why i am doing this or what the plot will be. usually i plan this stuff out but with this one i have no phucking clue what the HELLL i'm doing.
always awkward.
yeah... so i don't think i'm really going along with the real story. like i said, i don't know.
feel free to, you know, comment or message me some ideas.
so comment, rate, fr, and favourite. and stuff.


Chapter 3


by: dobby
As if we were running over piles of boulders, the Hogwarts Express came to a bumpy stop. It woke me from my nap, which was taken on Seamus' shoulder. As I woke, my first sight was Dean, Neville and Seamus stuffing their faces with chocolate. "What's this?" I yawned.
"Cauldron Cakes, Liquorice Wands, Jelly Slugs and Chocoballs," Neville answered as he stuffed his face.
I looked at Seamus, who was eating a Wand right that moment. "Want some?"
"God no," I rejected. "That's disgusting. Seamus, you have chocolate all over your mouth." I squinted my eyes at him as I straightened myself on my seat.
"It's not like they don't either," The boys laughed. "Well, we better get going, then."
"What?" I asked.
Dean said, "The train's stopped, Unknown Witch. We're supposed to be getting off."
"What?" I repeated, angry now. "Why didn't you wake me up, Seamus?"
He shrugged as he ripped off a chunk of his Liquorice Wand. Neville got up and reached for his suitcase. "You seemed quite tired."
"Hello?" I snapped. "Now I have no time to change into my robes."
Seamus nodded once. "Right. Well why don't we just step out and you can change here?"
"Seamus!" I hissed.
He rolled his eyes. "God, you're so pushy. Just hurry up!" And with that, the three boys hurried a leave. I groaned in frustration. I had truly not gotten an idea what to do yet, or where the bathrooms were on this train. I could hear the loud students outside getting off the train, so I really needed to hurry.
I locked the compartment door and drew down the window's curtains, then as fast as a rabbit, I stripped down and changed into my robes. Once I was done about two minutes later, I sighed and grabbed my suitcases. I had noticed the noise level had completely toned down since I had started changing.
As I unlocked the door, I kept repeating to myself, "I hate this school, I hate this school, I hate this school." Right when a blond boy pushed past me with his black-haired friend, snickering as they did. They got off the train, and I was alone. "I hate this school." I said once more, then dragged my bags off.
The place was cold and foggy, but it was nothing I wasn't used to from Durmstrang. It was always biting chilly there. In fact, this temperature would be considered a warm summers day.
There was a small quirky fellow with greasy grey hair and old skin hitching up a carriage with some sort of black, boney horse carrying it. He was muttering to himself in nasty tongue, his eyes darting all around and his mouth in a frown. I swallowed and approached him. "Excuse me?" I asked.
"What?" he snapped, turning to me. "Never seen you before. Are you up to something... mischievous?"
I raised an eyebrow. Was he loony? Clearing my throat I explained, "No, sir. I'm new here, I've just transferred from Durmstrang."
"Ah," he said, nodding once. "You're the new kid. I wonder why you've gotten off the train so quickly, were you up to something? Never mind, but you're lucky I was still here."
I nodded, biting my lip. "May I ask your name, sir?"
He eyed me suspiciously, then said as slowly as possible, "Call me Professor Filch." Then he turned his head to the carriage. "Get on, I'll take you to the school."
I climbed on while he put my bags in the back. "Thank you, Professor."
"This better not be an annual thing," he snapped as he took hold of the reigns. He smacked the boney horses and they neighed, suddenly galloping down a dirt-road.
I shook my head. "It won't be, Professor."
"Good." he said. "Because I won't be there to take you to Hogwarts all the time. In fact, I'm the one that will think up your brutal punishments."

Filch took me up some grand stairs to a large wooden door. I recognized this place immediately; we were approaching the room where the student here ate their meals. "Excuse me for one moment," the professor said, then opened the door and entered. I caught a glimpse of the four long tables that travelled down the hall, students filling them as the tall old wizard Headmaster paused in his speech at Filch's entry. If there was one thing I remembered, it was Professor Dumbledore's name. No one could forget that.
There was a five minute span of silence outside the Great Hall as I just stood quietly, then the door opened and Filch was back. He held the door open a crack and he listened.
Dumbledore said, "Now, I know you all are wondering why I would have the Sorting Hat here with me at this time in the year. It is because we are going to be welcoming a new student to our wonderful school, a transfer from our friends in Durmstrang." I tried not to scoff as he said "wonderful."
He continued, "Now, will you please welcome our new student..." My stomach twisted as I realized he was about to announce my name to the whole school. "Miss Piper Esmond."
There was a moment when I thought everyone was going to laugh, but instead there were plain claps. I took a breath and Filch opened the door for me to enter through. I could feel my cheeks turning red, but quickly told myself it wasn't a big deal.
As I arrived through the doors, all eyes were on me. Dumbledore smiled as I hesitantly walked down the long path to him, a stool sat next to the headmaster. He clapped his hands while he held a ratty looking hat.
It seemed to take forever to get down the Great Hall. As I walked past the four houses, I noticed some whispered about me as they clapped. I could only pray they were nice things and not something about my name, or my appearance. I saw Seamus waving at me through the crowd, and I only scowled back at him for leaving me. I noticed Harry Potter sitting near him, but I didn't react like a silly fangirl.
I finally made it to the stool. Dumbledore gestured me to sit down, and I did. He said, "Now, I know you have been here before, Miss Esmond, from the Tri-Wizard Tournament. But, in case you are not familiar, this is the Sorting Hat, and it will tell you which house you are in. Gryffindor," The whole table of Gryffindors cheered. "Ravenclaw," So did the Ravenclaws. "Slytherin," As did the Slytherins. "Or Hufflepuff." And the Hufflepuffs finished off. I spotted my old friend Hannah Abbot at that table, she smiled and waved, her eyes twinkling with joy. I smiled back.
"Now, let me just put this on your head..." Dumbledore said, laying the ratty old hat atop my hair. It smelled horrible and it was oversized, but I did not say anything.
Suddenly, the brim of the hat separated. And the hat spoke. It muttered, "Hm, a Durmstrang girl? Never had one before."
Oh my lord. I thought.
"No need to be astonished, I am only a hat." it snickered.
"Get on with it," Dumbledore said.
The hat rumbled, "Of course, Dumbledore, settle. Now, where was I? Yes, of course, your sorting. Ooh, a very smart girl, a very smart girl indeed. Would be good in Ravenclaw, I know."
I smiled to myself.
"Yes, you are very educated. Especially in the dark arts, I see. Very good, very good. And you are cunning, brave. All the traits of a good Ravenclaw."
My grin grew, and so did the Ravenclaw's grins.
The hat yelled, "It is obvious what to put you in!" And with a deep breath, he announced...

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