Bitten by Love

Its 3029. Janet finds an old note book. When she opens it, she finds out about a thing called the Z.W.A that the government covered up. She is asked to live on the story.

To let the truth fly free.

Chapter 1


Janet Fate is walking around the playground. She is so tired. Her bookworm brother, Steve, keeps on asking her if she's seen his old note book.
"What the heck is so important about it?!?!?" She'd ask.
"I've failed... forgive me I failed..." He'd say.
"Failed what?" She'd ask. Then he would leave.
"If a note book is SO important, go buy a new one." She muttered, kicking a stone. She sat down. Then was the moment that she saw it. It was Steve's notebook.
"There it is." She said and picked it up.
"Better see what the heck is even in here." She mumbled. She started to read.
By the time you read this, The Z.W.V will be long gone, I hope.
"What the heck is the Z.W.V?" She thought.
My name is Lily. I am one of the few human survivors of the Z.W.V. If you wonder what I'm talking about, read on. If you don't, put this down now.
"Don't worry. I still don't get what your talking about." Janet said.
If your still reading, I'll start with what the Z.W.V is. It was 2010,July 26. Each of the letters stand for something. Z stands for zombies, W for werewolves, and V for vampires. The Z.W.V is a Zombie werewolf vampire apocalypse. It turns out the creatures were in hiding, waiting to strike. Normal people died. Only the strongest survived. I knew I would soon die. The odds were horrible for humans. So I wrote all this down, hoping that one day, the new hero would find my story and set the truth free. If not, this entire Z.W.V will start again. This is the key to truth's cage. This is my story. My story on the Z.W.V and falling for a W. May the truth live on.

{sorry it was short! Its not really a chapter, Only a prologue}

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