What my characters think of you Results

What my characters think of you Results

Chapter 1


All the characters are sitting on the couch in the room with the Author/ Quiz maker (me!) except for Claudia…we have her in a cage! They’re all passing the recorder around expressing how they feel.


Claudia: Ugh her! She’s like a mixture of all those guys I sucked up into this world. She could never be part of my team! And. She’s. So. STRONG! But one day. I will TAKE HER DOWN!PREPARE YOURSELF CRISTIANA! (me: eep O_O looks like you were challenged)

Nathan: She’s a funny girl. I know Zach loves her very dearly, but so do I! I feel like myself around Cristiana and she’s so fun to be around! Sometimes she gets to be like Noah, but I’m fine with that!...even if it gets a little annoying…but IDC! I love that girl…and Zach listen to this –Zach turns to face Nathan with a bored expression- I didn’t expect her to say yes to me when I asked…but I was hinting that we should go to the spring again and go skinny dipping and SHE IMMEDIATELY DEMANDED TO GO! -Zach just shakes his head at Nathan-

Jaden: Ahhhh Cristiana :3 We have sooo much in common! We’re both demons, we love to read and write, and we both have guts! Sometimes she sings around me and I absolutely love her voice! I never expected her to stand up to Claudia, but she surprised me! That all she ever does! There was this one time she was trying to kill herself though….dont remember wh—Wait she ripped my book! That’s why! Had to get her to stop that…..I mean I could always glue the back together *sighhhh

Gavin: Cristiana is mah GIRL! There was this one embarrassing time we had though -_- I was walking down the hall in my wolf form and when she walked past me I thought she wasn’t gunna look at me so I turned into my human form which I was naked and she whistled at me! I’ve never ran into my room so fast in my life! Haha! But I love Cristiana as a friend and I will protect her from evil Claudia!

Noah: CRISTIANA?!?!?!?! WHERE? IS SHE HERE?!?! (Me: NOAH! THIS IS A SEPARATE SEGMENT OF THE STORY! SAY WHAT YOU THINK OF HER IN THE RECORDER!) Eep! Sorry! I love everything about her! I love her black short hair with blonde highlights! I love how Cristiana can be as hyper as me! She always as to be occupied with something so we are the perfect best friends! *cough with benefits cough cough (Me: *hits Noah on the head) Oww! I’m kidding! Haha? ANYWAY! I DID NOT like that one time she got Gavin for some reason -_
-, BUTTTT I forgive her <3 (Me: looks like you have possibly a more than friends relationship with Noah)

Zachary: I-I really like Cristiana. She’s always there for me and she’s always helping me. I promise I will always protect her no matter what and I will return the favor and help her whenever she needs it. I think she’s a lot like me and any guy would be lucky to have her…and I wish I could be one of those lucky guys…hey Nathan since you started this why don’t you pay attention to what I have to say –Nathan looks over at Zach questionably- The one night I mistaken her for my lover and I was going to make a horrible mistake….turned out it wasn’t a mistake and there was an instant connection…and she was just…wow –Nathan is twitching now- (Me: woahhh wonder what happened there ;D)

Owen: She’s such a sweet girl! We played Hide N’ Seek another time and I couldn’t find her! I looked through the whole house, but the only place I didn’t check was Zach’s room…His room is so dark I couldn’t see anything! She also doesn’t forget about me like how most of people do even though she’s known me for a shorter time. glares at the other boys that are sitting on the couch

Dottie (the character): She’s so protective of me! Well she’s protective of everyone in the house! Maybe because she exercises so much and is so strong! I love that girl!

Soooo you have one possibly friends with benefits, an arch enemy, two possible boyfriends, and the rest are best friends! Also looks like you have a little rivalry between two jealous boys ooooh ;3…..also I wasn’t going to add Dottie but since you mention her I was like ehhh why not! The more the merrier! Hope you enjoyed this :3

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