Unwilling Love (a Hogwarts love story)

Based a long the story line of 'The Chamber Of Secrets' a story of a girl who doesn't know who she wants when anyone one is willing to have her.

Chapter 1

A Trip To The Burrow

I re-read the letter that I had received this afternoon. The writing was ruff, it didn't seem to make perfect sense. But I could just make it out, I had packed my case for Hogwarts, I had it all wait next to my bed. I checked the time, it was almost midnight. I had been to restless to sleep, and downstairs, my older brother, Toby, was making such a racket watching the footy, with his 'muggle' mates. Toby had left Hogwarts, so this year I would be returning on my own. He, like me was a bit taller than average with thick brown hair, the only thing different between us were our eyes his like my mother's were bight green, were as I had my farther's eyes, big and a very dark brown.Toby was my all I had left, my mother had past away when I had just been born and my farther couldn't cope, he became very ill and dyed weeks later; well that was what my aunt had told me, I never actually new my parents and Toby said that they were very dark wizardsWe were looked after by our Aunt and Uncle and their two sons, until earlier this year she left as we were no longer to young to look after our selfs. James was closes to my age, only a year older. We became quite close in the time they lived here, Will was two years below Toby at school. They also attend Hogwarts, I very really see them, but now and then I bump into one or the other. Will, like me and Toby is in Gryffindor were as James who has the brains is in Ravenclaw. I missed having James around, we would always sneak into each others rooms after Pam and John had go to bed, we would laugh all night, then final fall asleep with his arm around me.
There was a sudden knock on the window, expecting it to be and letter from Draco, I was taken back to see not only a flying car but three beaming red heads. I swung open my bedroom window, smiling back at them.
'What are you doing here?'
'Did you not get the letter I sent?' Fred answered.
I laughed 'Was that you?' 'You didn't put your name silly.'
Ron climbed though the window while George reversed the car so the boot was facing my window. I watched Ron, as he examined all of the pictures on my wall.
'I see you like taking picture!' He said to me still transfixed to them
'I just like to capture the memories.' I smiled at him while he looked. His eyes floated down to the ones of me and Draco, he looked away from them and noticed one near my desk. It was one of just me and him, he had his arm around me as we laughed. I walked over to it,'You can have it if you like!' I pulled it off the wall and handed it to him. He looked up and smiled at me his eyes twinkled. I smiled back, and gave him a tight hug.
'Good to see you Kay.'
'Good to see you to hun.' Hugging Ron was usual a bit awkward, because everyone new he had a bit of a thing for me, just like many other boys at Hogwarts and hated Draco with a strong passion just like Harry and the rest of the Weasleys, But this time it was different. We had been hugging of a while without either of us releasing it. When we did, we broke apart quickly, both a little embarrassed as we saw two pairs of eyes staring at us. I saw one wink at Ron and his face turned bright red. He lifted my case into the boot and climbed into the car. I followed on behind.
'Hello gorgeous.' Fred said as I sat down next to him. I hugged him.
'Don't forget me babe!' said George shocked,'I thought I was your favourite.' He winked, I laughed and leaned over and hugged him too, I sat back and Fred rapped his arm round my shoulder tightly.
When we arrived at Harry's, he seemed just as shocked as me to see a flying car outside of his window. But getting him into the car wasn't as easy, he had bars on his window and we had to pull them off, it made such a noise and his Uncle started shouting, and as he climbed into the car, his uncle gripped his foot tightly trying to heave him back in, it didn't work though. Harry sat down next to me, giving me a quick hug too. It was a bit of a squeeze in the back for me, Fred and Harry. Even though we were all tired, nobody fell asleep. It took longer than we'd expected, but when we final reached the burrow, and quietly snuck back in. We were welcomed by a very angry Mrs. Weasley.
'Where have you been!' She shouted 'You could have died!'
'Sorry Mum.' The Weasley's answered.
'You wait till your farther hears about this!' 'Oh hello Harry dear,' she said smiling. She gave him a tight squeeze.
'And you must be Kay?' I nodded, smiling back at her.'Oh the boys have told be all about you, She is very beautiful, just like you said boys.' She hurried over to the kitchen. 'They have been talking about you all summer.' I blushed with embarrassment, Ron was trying to keep his face from going to red, so he avoided eye contact with me.
'Come on Kay,' said Fred taking my hand 'I'll show you the house.' He lead me up the stairs, still holding tightly with George following behind us.

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