Cursed for eternity

a new chain story idea ^.^ the girls name is Selena and read to find out about her unusual problem.

Chapter 1


the pink dye in her hands shook as she dropped it on the bathroom counter.looking up into the mirror she had hope for once that she could be normal.her platinum hair was now mixed with streaks of electric pink.her bright violet eyes though would forever be unnatural.her perfect pink lips formed into a frown and she turned away from the reflection.

could she ever fit in with the other students? no never..because she wasn't human.and humans envied and hated all inhuman beings.being the daughter of one of the most famous demons of all time didnt help either.after all her father was the devil.

she closed the bathroom door and headed downstairs to wait for Mr.timothy to drive her to school.her heart shrunk at another day of torture from her human classmates and peers.but then it jumped at the small hope that maybe today someone like her would appear at her school and she would no longer be the devils spawn that was despised and hated.

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