murderous love

Well i hade a dream about this,it was pretty clear when i saw it but i kinda lost it after,it might get comfusing,ask me if that happens!


Chapter 1

Info =P

This is a story of a young girl,not just a normal girl,an assassin,taught to kill in order to survive.What happens though when emotions,feelings get in the way?

What happens when people that she cares about are in danger because she didn't do the "right" thing?

What happens when she falls in love and she has to leave the love of her life in order to save both?What she will do?

Lilian is an 18 year old girl,with light brown hair almost golden hair and blue eyes.She lost her parents at the age of 10,and lived with assassins,then she met Thomas,the person who was always there with her,and became the love of her life,when she will loose him in order to save him we are gonna watch a story,of a girl,what shes gonna pass through and what she will do after loosing her love.

So i thought i should let you know of something really important about this story.Yes is a love story,yes its gonna be dirty AND yes you're gonna have a very inportant place in this.Im gonna put you guys through....temptations!!!Why?Just because.Every time i write a new chapter living you hanging (cliffhangers) im gonna ask what would you like Lilian the main character do,or other characters depents.

An example: A man approches her offering her a drink.CLIFFHANGER!
Question:would you like Lilian to accept the drink or not?

You're gonna leave you're anwser's in comments. Got it?If you guys did GOOD you're smart!If you didn't let me know please!

What is harder?To know you see you're loved one for the last time? Or that you're not able to see him for one last time?

To see him in darkens? Or not been able to get him out of it?

Please comment!Tell me what you think.Should i start writing it or not?
Love you all!

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