First Meeting, a Soul Eater one shot

First Meeting, a Soul Eater one shot

This is just a short piece I originally wrote for a contest on DeviantArt, which earned me 2nd place :) rate and review :)

Chapter 1

First Meeting

Maka Albarn ran down the corridor leading to the sealing chamber, her heart pounding. One battle was over, Crona wouldn't be a problem anymore, but judging from the sounds coming from the room in front of her another battle was already in progress. She heard the shouts of her comrades as she neared the entrance to the Kishin's resting place and her racing heart nearly stopped.
"Maka, what's wrong?" Soul asked Maka worriedly, but Maka ignored him. The adrenaline had stopped her from sensing it before, but this close, in this large chamber filled with nothing but her and her partner there was no doubt about it. She felt the Kishin's wavelength, and it was suffocating. She had never felt a wavelength this strong. Of course, she knew that it was going to be tough to face the Kishin, but he was still sealed wasn't he? There was no way that his soul could be this strong in his current state, was there? It shouldn't be affecting her this much, right? She shouldn't be frozen in place, her mind filled with visions of madness and corruption and all things that the world order tried to suppress. Maka had thought that they were gone, or buried so deep that they could never be accessed, but here they were, layed out for her to see just because of this one man, this one thing's soul wavelength. It wasn't exactly an encouraging sign for the fight ahead of her.
Maka closed her eyes. Should she turn back? Surely there was no way for her to defeat this, after all, She was just a kid! Just a kid with a scythe. Did walking around carrying a big weapon like this make her feel brave? Yes, yes it did. But did it really make her invincible like she sometimes like to imagine she was? Or did it even make her half as strong as her mother? No. It didn't. Best to just give up. Who did she think she was? She could barely defeat a stupid bimbo magic cat. What made her think she could defeat a Kishin? Maka was about to turn around and leave when something jarred her from her stupor and she charged into the room.
Asura stretched, glancing around the room. Those kids had been annoying, but they were dealt with now. He had dealt with them, and now they wouldn't bother him anymore. He smiled inwardly, then nearly gasped aloud. He was naked. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no this would never do. He had to cover up, he was so unprotected, it made him nervous. And Scared. Nervous and scared nervous and scared nervous and scared nervous and scared nervous and scared. But there were no clothes here, only rocks and dirt and silly insignificant children and witches and a scary wolf man with a weird eye. But there was his skin... Asura pulled on his skin with all his might, bending it, stretching it out out out until it formed long scarves that mirrored his old ones. Good, maybe this could work. Ignoring the frog girl's look of dismay he sup around and around, winding his skin-scarves around his body, forming makeshift clothes. But this still wasn't good enough.., he had to find something better. Best to leave this place. After all, he hadn't left in so long, it was time he stretched his legs.
"I'm naked this is so wrong!" he cried out in dismay. "I need to cover up." He smiled beneath the layers of skin shielding his face from view. He crouched to the ground. "I like the macho look..." He decided and sprang up, launching clear through the ceiling. Everything was going fine, he was almost out of this dingy dank room that had held him captive for all these years. That is, everything was fine until a certain little meister caught onto the end of his final remaining skin-scarf.
Maka ran into the sealing room just in time to see the Kishin jumping through the roof. Great, she thought. Another showoff. The scarves that trailed behind him were quickly disappearing up the hole. Uh uh. He is NOT getting away. She decided and ran at the scarves. They were almost all gone by the time she had scaled the pillar, but she just managed to grab onto the last one before it was whipped out of sight.
She was pulled into a dark tunnel at about 50 miles an hour. She had to stop him before he reached the surface. She had worked so hard to get here and now he was getting away without a fight. Oh no.
"COME BACK HERE!!!" she demanded, digging soul's blade deep into the tunnel wall. But the Kishin didn't even slow down.
Asura leaped out of the ground and soared high into the air, shaking off the small girl hooked onto his scarf. How annoying. He decided. But oh well, she won't be putting up a fight anymore. He laughed. Somehow the sight of her on the ground tugged at something though. He tried to place it. Triumph? No, that wasn't it. Pity? No, definitely not. Anger? Nope. Jealousy? Fear? Superiority? Spite? Conceit? Nope, nope, nope, nope nope. Why was it so hard to place? Then he got it. He felt sorry. He brushed the stupid feeling off. He couldn't start feeling sorry for little girls he knocked out. After all, he was the Kishin. He was untouchable! Right?
Maka's last thought before she drifted into unconsciousness in Soul's arms were confused. Why did she get eh feeling that the Kishin was looking at her. It wasn't possible that he cared at all about what he had done, for good or for bad. She was insignificant to him right? Even though she still knew she wanted to kill him, somehow she found that she didn't hate him as much as she though. No, there was mostly fear. And Maka hated being afraid. She lifted her arm to the sky, as if attempting to pul down the Demon God.
"I have... to stop... the.. Kishin..." Maka breathed before she passed out to dreams of scarves and eyes in groups of three.


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