Dude Looks Like a Lady, a Heechul story

Dude Looks Like a Lady, a Heechul story

A oneshot I wrote for DeviantArt. SeungTae is an OC. Heechul, from the k-pop boy band Super Junior goes out to a small grocery store while cross dressing to avoid attention from the media, only to attract attention from the cashier worker who mistakes him for a girl...

Chapter 1

Dude Looks Like a Lady

SeungTae leaned into his hand, which was resting on the cash register. God this job was boring. Why am I stuck here again? He wondered as his eyes lazily scanned the few customers. Oh, that's right, he groaned, his head slipping closer to the counter. Because I got last in class again. So stupid mom made me get a job. Though how that was going to help him get better grades he didn't know. It just took away from his time to study. It wasn't like it was his fault that he got bad grades, he just didn't think school was important. SeungTae didn't really want to go to college; he wanted to go after his sports. The only reason that they didn't kick him out of school at this point was his sports. SeungTae was captain of the basketball team, the soccer team and the Judo team. He had tried dancing once, but his idiot friends had switched his entry form into the box for the ballet team instead of hip-hop. He had come to practice in loose jeans and a formfitting tank top, only to be met by a crowd of girls in pink leotards and tutus. He was the laughing stock of the school for weeks.
SeungTae's eyes momentarily landed on each customer. Most of them were old men, browsing through the bowls of instant ramen and the piles of cabbage. This job wouldn't even have been so bad if it had been somewhere cool. No, his mom couldn't have chosen a clothing store for him to work at, no, that wouldn't have been enough of a punishment. Instead he was stuck at this low traffic grocery store. The linoleum was cracked, the fluorescent lights often flickered, the air conditioning was always on way too high to keep the veggies cool or it was broken. Today was one of the days it was working, and there were Goosebumps running all over SeungTae's arm. How was he ever supposed to meet girls in this place?
SeungTae's deep brown eyes were pulled from their haze over to the door as the entrance bell rang, signaling that another customer had entered the chilly store. SeungTae looked quickly at the girl who had entered and did a double take. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was a lovely chocolate brown and pulled into a ponytail that fell over her shoulder resting on her chest. It was tied with a pale pink ribbon placed just so. Everything about her was pristine, as if everything on her had been carefully placed, as if each bend in the dress, each fold of the fabric had been carefully choreographed. Her eyes were alert, as if expecting someone to jump out at her any second. Her dress had a low, square neckline and was made of a light pink lacy material with flower designs stitched along the arms, swirling together in a dance at the opening for the hands.
Her hands weren't something to be scoffed at either. Even from the distance he could tell they were dainty and soft, and SeungTae longed to stroke them, feel their silky smoothness on the tips of his fingers. As his eyes moved slowly towards her chest, Seungtae was disappointed to find her quite flat. Oh well, he sighed. I guess no one's perfect. The woman looked to each of her sides quickly, then with a last glance behind her, she dashed over to the nearest isle and begun to shop. She lifted an abandoned basket off the ground gingerly, sensing the dirt covering the handle. Seungtae found it cute, the way she pursed her lips as she held the basket as far away from her body as she could. He chuckled his deep, throaty laugh, shaking his head. The woman's head instantly snapped up at the sudden noise. Her eyes narrowed and scanned the room until finally coming to rest on SeungTae, who was still staring at her. She fixed her menacing gaze on him and marched towards the counter. This was quite honestly the first time SeungTae was ever able to admit that he was afraid of a girl. He didn't know what she was going to do, but he had a faint suspicion it would involve his balls no longer being attached to his body. The woman dropped the basket onto the floor with a clatter hand placed her hands on her slender hips.
"Why were you laughing at me? And why were you staring?" She demanded. SeungTae frowned mentally. Her voice was surprisingly low for a girl. Oh well. He shrugged, his eyes never leaving the girl.
"I was laughing because you are adorably funny and I was staring because you are pretty." He put simply. SeungTae found that being overly honest generally seemed to work with girls. And it seemed to be working this time as well. The girl blushed bright red and bowed her head. Then she shook herself and the menace returned.
"What right do you have to say these things to me? Do you know who I am?" The girl demanded, her voice growing higher with every word, pride lifting it up.
"I suppose I have no right. I should not be passing judgment on you. Yet you, who knows me as much as I know you are still quick to pass unkind judgment upon myself." SeungTae pointed out, finally being able to use one of the witty comebacks that he had stored up for times like this. The woman was suitable flustered. She was about to speak when SeungTae reached over hand placed his hand on hers. SeungTae closed his eyes. He was right, they were soft. His thoughts were slowly wandering from her skin on her hands to the skin covered by her dress when he realized something. He had expected her to hit him, but her hand was still resting under his.
He opened his eyes. The woman was staring at him, a pensive look on her face. Then her frown melted into a wicked grin.
"Oh what the heck." The girl sighed. "Hankyung's still in China for another week might as well have some fun." She giggled; placing one of her ever so soft hands into SeungTae's slightly overgrown hair. "I'm Heechul by the way, Kim Heechul." SeungTae grinned. Score.
"And I'm Kim SeungTae." He said, his smile breaking even wider than before. Heechul's eyes light up.
"We have the same last name! That is so funny! Siwon will laugh about it when I tell him. I've always fancied hooking up with someone who has the same last name as me." She gushed. At the mention of the name Siwon some circuit in SeungTae's brain connected and he backed away.
"Wait a sec, Heechul, Hankyung, Siwon, Why do I recognize those names?" He cursed. He knew he knew them from somewhere. Heechul sighed and rolled his eyes.
"Because we're famous silly! I'm in Super Junior." Heechul explained. SeungTae's eyes widened.
"Super Junior? You mean the boy band?!" he stuttered. Heechul groaned and nodded. "Then you must be..." Seungtae whispered. Heechul came closer to him and put his hands up in the air.
"I'm Princess Kim Freaking Heechul, The flamboyant cross dresser. Just to let you know, I'm always tops, no matter what stupid Hankyung says." Heechul added. SeungTae groaned. Jeez this was worse than the tutu.


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