I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!(please read, i need advice)

Chapter 1

That's right, i'm back!

Hey everyone!
I know I haven't been on here for like 6 months, but I've decided to come back to Quibblo. That means that I'll be posting my Fanfictions, making new quizzes and basically resuming what I was doing before. I have finished writing my Alonwin novella, and as soon as I find my keys with my memory stick on it I will post the remaining chapters! I promise that I will post new chapters for at least 1 of my fics today, and will probably have another one tomorrow. AS a little celebration of my return I'm going to start a new fanfic! Bellow you'll find the possible fandoms, and them comment with a pairing or a basic plot line and I'll choose 1 or two and make that fic!
Fandoms that I will write:
Harry Potter
Super Junior
Avatar:The Last Airbender
Ouran Host Club
Soul Eater

Also, please check out my Deviantart, which is MUCH more active. My username is Valeada. link: http://valeada.deviantart.com/
Thanks for reading, and please post with your fanfic!

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