The Ridiculous Life of the Foo!!

I was inspired to write this because my cousin Omas said I write too many depressing stuff(Which is NOT true by the way), so I'm going to prove her wrong. To Omas: I TOLD YOU SO!!! YA FOO!!!

P.S. I'm not too good at writing stories so please, no mean comments.

Chapter 1

Family Disfuctions

by: Jay110
I'm happily sleeping in my bed when my cell phone rings. The first thing I hear is,"I hate you." Now, this is how a normal conversation starts with my foo of a cousin, Omas. I look over at my clock and find out that its 6 o'clock in the morning. "Hello, foo," I say into the phone. "Why do you hate me again?" I say half-asleep. "Because I'm in Maryland and it's all your fault!!!!" Now by this time I'm ready to hang up on her, but she's just going keep calling me so I decide not to. I sit up and yawn. "So why are you calling me this early ya foo?" "I just got off the plane and I just wanted you to know that this is all your fault," before I could tell her how much sense that didn't make, I hear my dad's voice. "Jay, who you talkin' to?! I know you ain't talkin' to that boy!" I don't know how many times I got to tell that man that I don't got my boyfriend's number and his name isn't 'that boy'. Chaun rolls over on the floor and answers,"She's talking to her drug-dealer." If I was fully awake, I would slap her. I just say,"I'm talking to Omas." "This early in the morning?" he asks. Now, this is when I began to try to tell him something but he don't want to listen and starts making wild accusations. But he was on his way to work so he didn't try to punish me. I resume talking to Omas. "Thanks for getting me in trouble," I say blandly. At this point Chaun was up and Omas was no longer upset. "So...How's Harry Potter?" I groan. I knew this was where the conversation was going. "FOR THE LAST TIME, OMAS, HIS NAME ISN'T HARRY POTTER!!!!!" I screamed into the phone. That was a mistake because my yelling woke up one of my little siblings. Chaun and I looked at each other, I quickly hung up on Omas and Chaun and I pretended to be asleep so we wouldn't get killed.

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