To think it all started with a prank... (A Fred Weasley love story)

I've always wanted to make one of these!!! :) he he. Let me know if you like the story, fair warning the main character isn't an innocent little girl with a crush. There will be dirty parts, sad and scary parts. You'll want to laugh, cry, and you'll be messaging me like WTF?!?!?! lol.

Chapter 1

My first tale

I woke up on the forest floor and goaned. The night before came rushing back to me. I sat up and looked around, a pretty abused tree stood a few feet away... three large gashes engraved into the trunk. Not again...

Three years previously

"Lexi! We shouldn't be doing this!" My best friend cried. "What if we get caught?"

"Then we're caught, say sorry and move on." I smiled. I was a very mischeivous nine year old, that cared little for rules and at that moment I was dragging my best friend Cara to her doom. Of course at that time... I didn't know that. That was the night I killed my best friend.

"But what if your mom finds out?" she asked. my mom My mom was one that loved discipline.
Even though I was her daughter... she treated me like dirt because of how... similar I was to my father. Whenever I woulk ask about my dearest father, she would say it was a one night stand, sse was so drunk she was seeing in triple and couldn't remember her name for the life of her. Fortune wasn't in her favor that night. Me being her unfortune.

Ready to find out who my parents are? My awesome mother being Bellatrix Lestrange... and my dad being...chokes Fenrir Greyback.

"Well we just won't let that happen will we?" I said, trying to keep the fear out of my voice. The only light out now was the moon and stars. I always loved the full moon... the way it made everything look outside. I heard a howl in the distance and grinned.

"Lexy, we have to go back." she shrilled, hearing the wolf in the distance. She began tugging on my hand, trying to tow me back to her house. I looked ack up at the moon one last time... feeling powerful... and so angry... yet vulnerable. I jerked my hand out of her grip. Why am I so angry? I sunk to the forest floor, my heart racing, I looked down at my hands... sharp black nails began poking out of my fingertips. I gasped... but it came out as a yelp. I turned around and looked at Cara, she had an expression of horror on her face.

"Run!" I yelled, but it came out as a loud bark. She looked genuinely scared, I thrusted my hand/paw thing out to push her away. What's happening to me?!

"Get away from me!!!" she screamed, backing up slowly into a tree. She looked behind her and back at me. "Help!!! HELP ME!!!!!!" Cara screamed.

I loved the sounds of her screaming. It gave me strength. I got up off the forest floor, and crept up closer to her. She screamed again.

"Please somebody. HELP!!!" she turned around and began running. And for some strange reason and I ran after her... and getting a thrill off of it. She checked over her shoulder. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" her scream pierced the night sky. I blacked out.

The next morning I woke up naked, leaves in my hair... and the taste of dried blood in my mouth. I looked around groggily... why was I not in my bed awaiting my mother's hatred? I was in a forest... and the smell of blood was strong. I moved my arm and brushed something cold... and stiff. I looked over and saw a girl my age bloody, a chewed up neck and god awful gashes in her stomach. I looked at her face and saw my best friend Cara.

Present moment.

"Ugh. Why didn't the potion work? The potion usually works!" I was whispering to myself. I looked around, at least there wasn't any dead bodies.

I ended up having to walk a good two or three miles home, awaiting my dear mother's hatred and loathing towards me. When I finally got home, she was sitting on the old nasty couch, ordering a house elf around.

"Oh, my dearest Alexandria," she dragged out my name in sarcasm, "How was your little walk last night? Did you kill someone again?" She focused on the word 'again'. She knew it bothered me that I killed the only person that kept me sane.

If my mom was in the torturing mood, I would go over to Cara's house. If I was just beaten merciless Cara would take care of my cuts and bruises. And I repayed her by killing her.

I stormed past her and to my small room. Like there literally was a bed, and a pile of clothes. I pulled a black t-shirt over my head, two sizes too big and a pair of blue jeans, grass and blood stained. I pulled on my shoes torn up shoes with out any socks. I didn't own a pair of socks.

"Oh Alexandria?" I heard my mother call, then there was a loud bang, and I heard jinxes being shot in the living room. I hurried to open the door to find it locked from the outside. I banged on the door, desperate to open it. I gasped and felt pain in my arm, and the fresh blood drip down it. I looked and found a long, thin, deep scratch... yet another side affect of being a werewolf, thanks to my awesome father.

"Let go of me you filth! You dirty half breeds, get out of my house!!!" I could hear my mother shrieking.

"You'll be locked away for the rest of your life Bellatrix!" I heard a man's voice yell, and all the struggling stopped. No more curses sounding in the house.

"Search the place, I'm sure someone else's gotta be here." I heard a gruff voice say. I heard footsteps in the house... there was more than one man here. Aurors? I began banging on the door again, trying to get out of here.

"Back away from the door, or we'll curse you to oblivion." someone threatened. I could tell they were right on the other side of the door. I quickly retreated to my bed. And a few seconds later the door slowly opened and a wand was in the air. I saw who my rescuer was, a thin man with scars on his face similar to mine. He was very pale and had light red hair. His wand lowered slightly, and his gaze drifted towards the fresh scar on my arm from the night previously. I was dabbing at it with my filthy shirt... a definite scar was sure to be there. He cautiously walked over to me and pulled a handkerchief out at wiped the bloodff my arm.

"What happened here?" he asked. I was looking at him in curiosity, why was he so nice?

"I-I can't tell you." my voice was just barely above a whisper. But his being so close he could hear it.

"Did your mother do this to you?" he asked, pulling out his wand. I shook my head.

"N-no. I-I did." I whispered. I got a wierd look from him. "I d-didn't mean to though. It was an accident." I quickly added. I'm not suicidal, I didn't want him to think that an 11 year old girl was suicidal.

"How did it happen?" he asked, looking in my eyes for the first time. He looked like a nice enough guy, but I couldn't trust anyone with my secret. Not even a really nice auror. He'd probably turn me in, have me locked away for what I am.

"I don't remember." I told him honestly. Whenever I became a wolf, I couldn't remember what I was doing. Not until days later, and it would come back in dreams. Nightmares. And what made the nightmares worse was the fact that it was myself.

"You don't need to be afraid, you can tell me." I looked away, and I heard more footsteps come from the living room and down the short hall.

"What've we got here, Remus?" I heard the gruff voice I heard earlier, I peered around the man I now knew as Remus and saw no other than Mad Eye Moody. I knew who he was, because my mother taught me of all the aurors to avoid, one of them being Alastor Moody.

"Did you capture her? Did you capture my mom?" I asked suddenly, I felt my heart lift with the possibility that my mom was on her way to Azkaban.

"Yes." Remus said, his wand slowly lifting back up again. That one word made the the happiest I've been since I killed Cara. I smiled, I could feel my face turn on like a lightbulb and I grabbed the man that was only a foot away. I clung on to him and cried happy tears.

"Thank you. Thank you so much!" I practically yelled.

"Enough of this! We need to take her back to head quarters!" I heard Madeye yell. I suddenly realized who I was hugging and I immediately pulled away and wiped the tears from my eyes, and brushed back my curly black hair.

"I-I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to... do that." I hiccuped. He just smiled, and started tending to my cut again. He pulled out his wand.

"N-No, don't!" I pushed his wand away. "Leave it alone." he gave me a wierd look.

"Why don't-"

"I like my scars. Even if they do hurt." I interrupted them.

"But why?"

"It's my punishment."

"LET'S GO!!!" Madeye roared and I flinched back. Remus caught this.

"Were side along apparating to head quarters. But I'm afraid, you won't be treated as nicely for a bit." he whispered the last part. "Ferula." appeared was a bandage and a splint. "I trust you won't need the splint." he said wrapping the bandage around my arm.

"Thank you. It doesn't matter really if I'm treated nicely or not. I haven't been treated nicely me entire life." I whispered, the last part mostly to myself. Remus backed a few feet away and held up his wand again.

"Let's go." he ordered. I stood up, and looked square in front of me, and marched out to the living room to find another three people in the living room, inspecting with their wands out. The one that really stood out was a girl with pink hair.

"Tonks. We're apparating back to headquarters." Remus said, and took her over to the corner and whispered something in her ear. She had a look of shock and looked at me and back to Remus. They continued whispering. After about another minute, she came over to me and held out her hand. I just stared at it.

"Take my hand. We have to apparate back to headquarters." she said in a nice voice.

"I thought I wasn't going to be treated nicely." I looked up at her face for the first time. She winked.

"Your not the usual prisoner." she said and smiled. I took her hand and I was instantly apparated to a grim, old place.

"Where am I?" I asked, looking up at the numbers. It went from 11 to 13. "Where's number 12?" I asked. she winked again, and Madeye thumped his stick a couple of times. At first I thought it was just to get attention, but then I noticed that the buildings were seperating and in between number 11 and 13 was a building, number 12.

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