Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 17

next part hope you enjoy XD


Chapter 1


the daylight was blinding and the sun beat down brutally on my face. seeking refuge in the tent i brushed my fingers through my hair.the day had gone from warm to sweltering in less then a hour.earlier i had explored and came across a lone pier and never once saw a single person.

my loneliness was going and my insides were twisted in grief.i touched one of my sun baked cheeks and felt the moistness of a tear.what has become of me?i never used to cry like this.shaking my head i open the tent flap to stare directly into the sun overhead and hope it blinds me for eternity.

a voice makes me jump and look away.two figures appear out of nowhere down the beach.somehow i recognize the familiar forms.they turn to me and i hear a familiar voice call."Anastasia?!"i freeze.its hermoine and harry.

they reach me in a few seconds and hermoine pulls me into a hug."are you okay?"i nodded and pulled back to face them.harry watched me uneasily from his green eyes that matched mine so oddly."wheres malfoy?"he asked.i cringed at the name i hadn't heard since school."he brought me here to keep me safe.the dark lord was torturing me to get to him and to get to my power."i said quietly.hermoine stared at me in horror."Ana im so sorry.if we only knew we would have happy Draco took you here."she said.

harry face melted into anger."malfoy isn't really trust him Ana?come with will be better and you WILL be safe."he said and walked up to me.his eyes searched my longing for the same emotions he felt for me to how in my eyes.i looked away helpless."i cant."i whispered.he grabbed my shoulders and forced me to look at his face."you will come with us.i wont let you be hurt.we'll leave a message for malfoy if that makes it better.he'll be happier knowing your here with us."he said.

that was true.he knew i was safer with them,but wouldn't that hurt him?i nodded and walked over to hermoine.i wont need anything in there just get harry to leave the message and we can leave now."i say.she gives me a quick nod and whispers to harry.he dissapears in the tent and reappears a minute later.

hermoine grabs my hand and harry's and then we're gone....

*************************************** Draco's p.o.v

the moonlight dances across the sand and enter the tent.panic seizes me for a second as i realize shes not in the eyes dart around the tent til i see a folded piece of paper on the small table.i open it buts its blank.i curse myself and hurry outside and search around the beach.

i spot her jacket at the waters edge.fear wraps me in its embrace.has she drowned herself.i fall to my knees and grip the jacket in my hands as tears roll down my face."Anastasia...."i whisper.

****************************************** Anastasia's p.o.v

i fiddled with the stick in my hand its smooth surface rubbed against my hands.hermoine slid down next to me."you really love him dont you?"she whispered.there was no point in saying his name we both w who she was talking eyes glittered with tears at the idea of him coming back and finding me gone.i nodded and she wrapped a friendly arm around my shoulders.

later that night hermoine insisted i stay in the tent while she stayed watch outside.harry was flicking through a book on his cot.the lamps light caught the color in his eyes and i saw the scar on his forehead.he looked up at my gaze.

something passed between us.the guilt of the past.his regret at not having me.i looked away unnerved and pretended to play with the blanket wrapped around me.i heard the soft padding of his feet across the ground.then the cot squeaked and tilted as he sat next to me.i looked up and almost jumped out of my skin.his face was inches from mine.

"i wont bug you anymore about your choice...its just i wanted you to have better thoughts."he said sighing and leaned back.i intertwined my fingers together uncomfortably."i love him him like you could never understand.why cant you get that?"anger clouded his eyes as he stood and stiffly walked away.

hermoine entered the tent and gave harry i glare that said she heard every word.he walked past her and out the tent to take his turn."hermoine wheres Ron?" i asked just now noticing the tall red head wasn't with them.she grimaced and folded her blanket on the cot.

"harry and him got in a fight and he left."she whispered.she lifted a locket from around her neck and rested it in her palm."i think this was what was angering him but i can tell half of what he said was true."her voice quavered.i studied the horcrux ever so softly afraid that just staring at it would harm me.she dissapeared out the tent to give it to harry.

their lives weren't any better off then mine.wrapping the blanket tighter around me i drifted to sleep.


i awoke to sounds outside.hermoine stirred across from me and then rose confused.we both tilted our heads to the side listening to the voices.we both jumped up and ran outside as we heard that familiar weasley voice.

outside harry was talking to Ron who was carrying a sword in his hand.hermoine looked furious as she stalked up to them.they both backed away with wide eyes as she yelled at them.i forced myself not to laugh at her antics and walked back into the tent so as not to eavesdrop.

after the banter was over they came inside. eon gave me a once over."what is she doing here?" he asked not to unkindly.i grimaced.hermoine scowled at him."we found her. Draco was trying to save her from the dark lord and he brought her to the same beach we traveled to."she said.he nodded then completely ignored me.

the three chatted about events and how they had missed them.i had started to drift off when i heard eon describe how he found strung a string in my heart and i thought of Draco.i looked away from the others as a tear fell into my lap.


the next day the three had decided to visit the love goods.hermoine decided i should stay where she could find me now i sat on the outskirts of the house in a copse of trees.the grass under my hands was soft and i played idly with.thn a thundering noise made me jump to my feet.scanning the horizon i noticed the house crumbling to the ground and death eaters flying overhead.

i let out a whimper and then was believed when hermoine and the other appeared and she grabbed my hand and apparated.

the forest we were now in was dark and cold.i gave hermione a huge hug."thank you so much.i was afraid i was going to be recaptured."she patted my back and then we both froze as Ron cried out run.i turned to see a snatcher heading straight for me.

hermoine and me split up and i ran through the trees faster then i ever thought.i cast a spell over my shoulder and hear a grunt as it hit home.veering around a corner i stumbled into a clearing where Ron and hermoine stood.harry came running for us and hermoine threw a spell.he stumbled backwards and fel.hermonje grabbed his arm and yanked him up.she shoved his glasses in her bag and i noticed his face idea. i thought to myself.

but they would surely recognize heart tightened with fear.the leader strode up to us and eyed all of our faces.a snatcher grabbed me from behind and i thrashed till her hit me hard on the back of my eyes swam with pain."whats your name?"the leader asked harry."dudley.vernon dudley."he said.

okay fake name got it.i repeated in my head.the others stated their fake names and then he turned to me.he studied me closely."why your pretty.whats your name little lady." i cringed as he moved closer to me."Sabrina turner."i whispered.a snatcher flipped through a list of names."none of them are on the list sir." he said.the leader walked over to harry and eyed him closer.he smiled and i gasped in horror.he knew.

*************************** Draco's P.O.V

father paced in front of me furiously."you let her go?!you idiot child!we will be killed for your idiocy."he yelled.i stood stiffly."he only thing that can save us now is if we are to get potter and his gang of criminal."he snarled.i didn't even flinch.i let my mind wander to Anastasia.her pale skin and dark hair.those unearthly green eyes."im sorry father." i gritted out.

Bellatrix spat in my face."you better be sorry."she stalked off and i gave mother a sympathetic look. Bellatrix reappeared a second later with a group of snatchers.they hauled in granger and weasley and what looked like heart stopped at the next person who was yanked in.

************************* Anastasia's P.O.V

Draco's face lit up in happiness then fell when he noticed our situation.i yanked out of the snatchers arms and ran up to him he grabbed me in his arms."i thought you were dead." he whispered in my ear.i looked up at him confused then opened my mouth to speak but i was dragged away again.this time it wasn't Draco who yelled at the snatcher it was Lucius."let go of her you brute.she is the property of the dark lord and if she is harmed you will pay the price."

harry and the other gave me a shocked look.i wrenched my arms from the brutes hands.i sidled over to the opposite wall and watched helplessly. Draco kept glancing at me as his father pleaded with him to make sure harry was harry.his father gave me a glare."Bellatrix do something about her Draco needs come inspiration."i whimpered in fear at his words.
she stalked over to me and pulled a dagger from her pocket.she slid it over my wrist and a thin line of blood ran down my arm.i only twitched being use to much more pain. Draco started to shake and said."father i dont know.i cant be sure."

Bellatrix raised her wand ."what is that?" she screamed staring at the thoughts twisted and whirled in my head as i felt the dark lord trying to pry once again into my mind.i felt myself falling and then it all went black....TBC


AUTHORS NOTE:thank you so much for all the ideas and i promise Scorpius will be in the story soon.this is a dangerous cliffhanger isn't it? haha i hope you guys like it!please tell me what you think in the comments......


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