A Bond of Silver Clouds (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

When a shy, unsocial girl meets the Weasley Twins and becomes friends with them. Okay... I know Fred dies at the end (or maybe it was Gorge) but I'm going to change that and say Fred didn't die! Yayyy! :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Opening

by: SakuraOak
It’s my fifth year at Hogwarts. 5 years since I received the acceptance letter. At school, I’m unsocial…a lot. I don’t know how to talk to anyone. I have a big shy problem. I don’t even know how I get through the year, but I read and study, so it takes up my time. Sometimes I go for a walk…alone and I rest and can have a little nap at times when I feel comfortable. Bullies target me also, because I’m by myself and no-body will help me. But this year was somehow different, a mean the OWLs and all, yeah, but something strange and different about it.

It was the 1st of September, I said goodbye to my parents, hoped on the train and found myself empty compartment and started reading. It was quiet and peaceful, until the compartment door opened. Then a voice, said.

‘Can we sit here?’

I raised my head a little. They were twins with flaming red hair and freckles, both wearing the same outfit. A striped red and yellow (Gryffindor) turtle-necked shirt with jeans. I nodded my head. It was awfully silent in here, until the compartment door opened again. A girl popped in. I noticed she was one of my roommates. Angelina Johnson. She sat down and the three of them started talking about Quidditch. They excluded me, as usual. Normally people ignore me, or don’t talk to me, somehow, I don’t know why but they just do. Then one of the twins asked.

‘Hey, Fred. You haven’t seen her around have you? Cause, I haven’t. Is she in our year?’

‘Nah, Gorge. Haven’t seen her say, what’s your name?’

They looked at me like I was some sort of experiment. That made me nervous.

‘Umm… I, I, My name is Ho-Ho-Holly Parker. I’m a fifth year. I’m muggle-born and I’m in Gryffindor, like you.’

‘So she’s in the same year as us, in Gryffindor.’ (F)

‘Why haven’t we seen you around?’ (G)

‘I’m usually in the library or dorm or taking walks.’

‘Okay, but we don’t see you in classes, I mean I haven’t see you?’ (F)

‘I sit in the back, and I usually rush out when class is finished so I get more time to do homework and study and stuff.’

‘Do homework, Jasmine! You’re in my dorm! You should have fun. Are you serious…’ Said Angelina.


‘That was a rhetorical question by the way.’ (A)

‘I only do those kind of things because people ignore me and won’t talk to me because I study a lot and unsocial. I also get bullied because I like to read and am smarter than them and because I’m an easy target because I don’t have any friends.’ You won’t believe it but you’re about the first besides teachers and bullies to talk to me properly.

‘Well, you have friends now.’ (A)

‘Definitely.’ (F)

‘Always.’ (G)

A relief swept over me, but also a wave of happiness. It was the first time anybody said I was their friend. I started tearing up and ended up crying.

‘Huh? Why are you crying did we say something wrong!’ (A)

I shook my head.

‘I’m just so happy because you guys said that you’re my friend.’

I rubbed my eyes and started cleaning my tears.

‘Here, take this.’ (F)

‘Thank you.’ I smiled.

I wiped my tears away.

‘We should change into our robes, we nearly there.’ (Me)

We changed and we started talking mostly about Quidditch. I didn’t understand what they were saying (not interested in it) so I listened intently.

‘So what team do you go for Holly?’

‘Err… Gryffindor?’

‘No, we mean internationally.’

‘Oh… I don’t really go for anything in Quidditch, in my opinion I find Quidditch uninteresting. I mean flying on broom is awesome, but I don’t really like sports where you can get hurt.’

‘Quidditch…uninteresting…’ (A) said, speechless.

‘Wow… that’s the first time someone has said that.’ (G)

‘Then, we’ll just have to make you like it.’ (F)

‘Try… it won’t matter, it won’t simply change my mind.’ I said, bursting out in a giggle.

Oh, look (looking at the scenery outside) were here.’ (Me)

‘Come on…lets go.’ (F) said, pulling my arm and dragging me.

‘Waitt!’ I said.

‘Hey, Fred. Why did you do that?’ I looked at him.

‘Oh, I’m giving them alone time. You know, they’re dating.’

‘Ohhh… alright, do you want to find a carriage.’

‘Yeah, (Fred smiling at me) why not?’

We ended up in a carriage full of Slytherin guys. I could tell Fred did not want to be there from his facial expression.

‘Hey, Fred…’ I whispered


‘Do you know these people?’

The Slytherin heads turned. I realised I said it a little too loud.


‘Of course we know him, don’t we, guys.’ Said a pig-like faced boy.

‘So who have you got there, your girlfriend?’ Said a scrawny boy.

Before Fred could say anything, I answered.

‘Yeah, I’m his girlfriend. You have a problem with that?’

I looked at Fred. I winked.

‘Yeah, she is. Do any of you have a problem with that?’

‘Of course we have a problem, she’s your girlfriend.’

‘We not only can we taunt you, not just Angelina but you (pointing at me).’

‘How do you know about Angelina? We haven’t made it public yet!’

‘Yeah. You haven’t but they have. Over there.’

He pointed to a corner of a tree, where Gorge and Angelina where they were wrapped in each other’s arms and kissing.

The Slytherin boys sniggered leaving me sick with disgust. Another boy entered, with his 2 friends. His hair was sleek, and white. Although he was above average looking, I knew who he was, Draco Malfoy.

‘What’s this? A Weasley and his girlfriend.’

‘What do you want, Draco?’ I asked.

‘Draco? Did someone just call me by my first name?’

‘Yeah. I did.’

He stared at me. I stared back.

‘What… you don’t like your first name? Pity, it’s a cool name, instead of everyone calling you Malfoy…such a shame.’ I sighed.

‘Who are you?’ He said, aggressively.

‘Geez…take a chill pill…Draco. Hi. My name is Holly Parker. I’m a fifth year and in Gryffindor.’

‘You know you smell familiar to Hermione Granger.’

‘Okay…I take that as a compliment because I hope Hermione smells nice.’

‘No… I mean your blood..’.

‘Wow… you smelt Hermione’s blood?’ Fred and I laughed.
He scowled.

Ahh…You're a muggle-born…Mudblood.’

Fred stood up pointing his wand up to Draco’s neck.

‘So what if I’m a muggle-born? Doesn’t affect who I am. Calling me that does not affect me in whatsoever way. It may affect people other than me, but who gives you the authority to call people like that?’

‘No-one. I can do whatever I want and I can get away with it.’

‘Right, but somehow you always get away with it. That would explain all the past years when you have been caught don't think I don’t know…Draco.’

‘Your so arrogant and haughty, you think you like own the world. It disgusts me…Draco.’

He backed off.

‘Come on Fred. (I tugged his sleeve) We’ll be late for dinner.’ I smiled sweetly.

I grabbed his hand and jumped off the carriage.

We walked into the castle leaving the Slytherin’s behind.

‘That was amazing! How you scared Malfoy away.’ Fred said smiling,

‘It was nothing. I been wanting to say it for years.’ I said, laughing.

‘Come on Fred! We’ll be late. Last person there has to buy the other person a box of chocolates.’

I took the lead about half-way when Fred overtook me, until I slipped on a broken stair and landed on top of him.

‘Ahh… cr*p. I’m sorry. Are you alright?’


It took as a long 5 seconds to find out what position we were in. We jumped from each other, but I ran to the top first.

‘You have to buy me a box of chocolates, Fred!’ I yelled.


We hurried across the Great Hall and found seats next to Harry Potter and his friends and opposite Gorge and Angelina. At first we started eating them Fred said.

‘You should have been there! You guys! Harry too,’

Harry Potter looked our way.

‘Holly just totally owned Malfoy!’

Everyone turned to me.

‘Hi.’ I said quietly.

Fred started telling how I totally owned Draco on the carriage.

‘How’d you do it Holly?’



‘I’ve been wanting to do it for years. He’s been bullying me since I was a second year. That bastard,’

I stared poking my fork onto the potato mash. Professor Dumbledore gave out his usual speech and we were off to bed.

‘Goodnight Fred, Angelina, Gorge!’


‘Sweet dreams!


And with that we shifted to sleep.

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