Brotherly Love (A Fred and George Weasley Love Story)

After Death Eaters killed her parents, Tyler Brokes dropped out of Beauxbatons and has been running away ever since. After two months she winds up in Diagon Alley, chased by two Death Eaters who are closing in fast. After hiding in a shop she gets offered a place to stay by the stores two owners. When she starts to develop feelings for them, relationships are pushed past breaking point and the phrase brotherly love is redefined.

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Chapter 1

The Brothers

by: Mikiluvsu
They won't be far behind me. I pulled my cloak's hood up and kept running. I turned a corner and found that I was in a back street. I didn't know where I was. I kept running. I ran to the end of the street and stopped.
"Right or left? right, left, right, left..." I heard footsteps behind me. "Right." I decided and started running again. I could hear the them getting closer but I could also hear people, people who were shopping, people who were hanging out, people who weren't trying to kill me. I ran faster towards the sound of people. Sure enough I ended up in a crowded section of Diagon Alley. I warped my green velvet cloak closer around me and tied my bag tighter on my wrist. I began to move through the masses of people with my head down. I slowed down to try and catch my breath. I turned my head around to see if they were behind me. I looked through the crowd. Suddenly two hooded figures appeared. I swore under my breath and ducked into the closest shop.
Inside there were lots of children laughing and playing. There were bubbles floating in the air and the colourful walls were lined with shelves of games and what looked like toys. I didn't have much time to look around. In the corner of the store I saw a store room. I moved through the packs of children, past a stand of love potions, around some balloons and up to the door. On the plain wooden door there was a sign that read: Employees Only. I tried twisting the handle of the door to see if it would and it worked. The door poped open. I ducked in side and the door closed with a loud thud. It was dark and I couldn't see a thing. I grabbed my wand from the back pocket of my jeans and cast the Lumos spell. My wand lit up and I could finally stop and look around. There were cardboard boxes stacked up all around me and merchandise everywhere. Against the back wall was a plain, old desk with an ink pot, quills and a lamp. I flicked my wand and turned the lamp on. I sighed and sat down on the ground, leaning back against the boxes. I closed my eyes, just to rest for a bit.
Suddenly the door swung open and two guys in matching suits came in. They looked only a year or so older than me however, they both looked exactly the same except they wearing different colour vests and ties. 'I bet they're twins' I thought. They both had red hair and brown eyes and honestly, they were really attractive.
"Ah, I knew I heard a thud. I told you someone was in here. You owe me a galleon," the one on the left said. The one on the right just rolled his eyes and looked at me.
"So, who are you and what are you doing in our storage room?" the one on the right said. '/Our/ storage room,' they must be the owners or mangers or something. They were both looking at me. I could only imagine what they saw. A scruffy, pale girl with long dark blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail and blue eyes, wearing a green cloak, dirty grey jumper, jeans and boots sitting on the floor of their store room. Rather pathetic.
"Um, I'm- I'm no one. Sorry, I was- I'll just go now," I stuttered. I stood up and slid my drawstring bag back onto my wrist. It was back silk and quite small but with the undetectable extension charm I put on it, it was able to carry a change of clothes, a blanket and some books. I moved to the door but the twins blocked my way.
"Can you please move?" I asked them softly and a bit impatiently.
"Not until you tell us why you were in our storage room," said the one on the left. I sighed.
"I was hiding..."
"From..." the one right prompted me.
"... Death Eaters," I told them.They looked a bit shocked. I sighed and looked at my feet.
"Hey don't worry about it. You can stay here if you want, we don't mind. We just have one condition," the one on the right said.
"What?" I asked cautiously. I looked at both of them, studying them. Can I trust them? The one on the right was looking back at me, trying to decipher me too, probably asking the same
"Tell us your name," the one on the left replied.
"Fair enough," I told them. "My name's Tyler, Tyler Brokes, but my friends call me Tye... well they use to, anyway." I gave them a half-hearted smile. They smiled back.
"Well I'm Fred Weasley and this here is George, my twin brother, obviously," the one on the left said. I smiled and once again they smiled back at me. "Let me go get you a glass of water. You look like you could use one," Fred said as he disappeared out of the room. George smiled and sat down where I was sitting before. I moved back over to him and sat down next to him. I turned to him and smiled.
"Um... George, where exactly am I? I didn't see the sign when I came in, I was in a bit of a hurry," I asked him. He laughed.
"You're in our storage room, which is in our joke shop which is called Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, which is in Diagon Alley, which is in London, which is-"
"I get it," I said cutting him off mid sentence. He looked a little hurt. "Thanks George." I smiled at him and he smiled back. We sat their just staring at each other. Gosh, he really is hot, I thought and laughed out loud. Before he could ask what I was laughing at Fred came back with a glass of water for me. He came over and handed it to me. "Thanks," I muttered. He nodded and then sat down on the other side of me. I took a sip of the water. I really needed it. I took another sip, this time noticing both Fred and George staring at me. I put the glass down in front of me.
"Can I help you boys with something, or are you just going to keep staring at me?" I asked them smiling. They both blushed which made me laugh. Gosh they're cute. My laughter faded into silence but I smiled at them. George broke the silence.
"So you're, what, 17, 18?"
"Which means you should still be at school. You don't go to Hogwarts because we would have seen you or at least Ron would have, so-" Fred said.
"Wait who's Ron?" I asked.
"Our younger brother," Fred told me.
"Ahh, right. Anyway no, you're right, I didn't go to Hogwart's, I went to Beauxbatons," I told them.
"So do you speak French?" Fred asked with a smile. I laughed.
"Oui, je parle francais. Ma mere etait francaise ainsi je l'ai parle en tant qu'enfant," I said smiling at them. The look of confusion on their faces made me laugh. "Yes, I speak French. My Mum was French so I spoke it as a child," I clarified.
"Oh," the both said at the same time. I laughed. I had no idea who these boys were but they were incredibly hot, they made me laugh a lot and I had one on either side of me. I smiled at the thought.
"Wait a sec, you said you went to Beauxbatons. Went. Past tense. You should be still in school, shouldn't you?" George asked with a small frown on his face. Some one was a smartie.
"Yeah, I should... but I dropped out after my parents were murdered and the Death Eaters started chasing me so I wouldn't put any of my friends in danger," I told them. "Beauxbatons doesn't have as strong magical barriers as Hogwart's." I frowned, thinking of my parents death. My parents death was really hard for me and I still get really upset about it. I tear ran down my check but I quickly wiped it away but not before Fred and George could see.
"I'm sorry to hear about you parents," George said softly. I gave him a forced smile but he saw right through it.
"Me too," Fred added. I lent my head on Fred's shoulder and George shuffled closer to me and started to rub my back. I closed my eyes. We stayed like that for a while. It was really nice. I really didn't know these boys very well but I was starting to feel really comfortable and for some strange reason it seemed that they actually really care about me.
I felt Fred move under me. I opened my eyes and saw him check his watch. He frowned and stood up. I stood up too and George followed suit.
"It's getting late, we should probably get going. Do you have somewhere to stay?" Fred asked me. I nodded. They both looked at me unconvinced. I nodded again. Fred and George both sighed.
"Tyler, tell us the truth. Do you have somewhere to stay?" George asked me slowly and softly. He looked me right in the eyes and I couldn't look away. I sighed and shook my head. George wrapped his arm around my waist and gave me a kind of half hug.
"Then it's settled, you'll come and stay with us," Fred said with a small smile. He then walked over to my other side and slipped his arm around my waist as well. The three of us, all intertwined, left the storage room and walked back into the main part of the store. It was completely empty unlike when I came in. An employee had obviously closed and locked up the store. I heard the click clack of shoes and turned to the counter. A teenaged employee came out holding his cloak and a set of keys. He gave the keys to George, said goodbye and then disapparated.
"Do you mind waiting here for a moment so we can get our coats?" Fred asked letting go of my waist.
"Nope, go ahead, I'll be here," I said smiling. They both smiled back at me. George slipped his arm off my waist and they both walked over to the counter and grabbed their coats from underneath it. I looked around the store and saw all different kinds of things. Sweets, toys, potions, it was crazy how many different things were crammed onto the shelves. After a minute or so the twins came back.
"See anything you like?" Fred asked cheekily. The both smiled as they each offered me a hand. I smiled back.
"Maybe," I replied in a flirty voice the twins both laughed. I smiled. I took their hands and we disapparated.

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