Love is never bad only corrupt-(a Draco Malfoy love story) part 16

im sooooooooo sorry i haven't posted a story in forever. I've been on vacation and had some serious writers block....but now here it is the next chapter! sorry it was so short the next will be better i promise you guys!


Chapter 1

Pain of a thousand hurts

i slam the door shut but Draco's hand seizes t before it closes.i back up slowly until i hit the bed."stay away from me."i cry.his eyes search mine.his features are in agony and i look away keeping the urge to comfort him away."you disgust me."i growl.i look up in time to see the hurt flash across his face.a confidence swells in me and i step forward."all you are is a little servant dog for your so called master."i snarl and curl my lip.a rage ignites in me and he starts to back away.

i have him against the wall and he seems utterly horrified.a lamp on the bedside table soars into the wall with a crash."whats happened to you?" Draco says.i glare at him and come closer.he reaches out and brushes his hand over my cheek.i freeze and the rage recedes.he moves closer to me and then his lips touch mine.

i dont respond and he pulls back.his hands slide around my waist and pull me against stiff in his arms and millions of emotions run through my mind."just leave me alone."i whisper hopelessly.the feel of his body goes rigid against me and he pulls away.his last glance is filled with pain i've never seen before.

the door is closed and i collapse onto my body is racked with sobs as i kneel there on the ground.a bottomless pit opens up in my heart swallowing all of my hopes and love.the smashed lamp lays there shattered like me......


moonlight swathes the floor and i angle my head away from it.i stretch out my stiff muscles and cry out in pain as the dark lord's torture the other day makes me in even more pain.i grind my teethe together and stand slowly.

the ground swirls under my feet and i hold onto the bed post."damn you Draco."i growl under my breath.the door creaks open and my head darts up.i narrow my eyes at the familiar figure."i thought i made it clear earlier that i dont want you here."i voice has enough edge to it that he stops.

"im here to get you out of here."he answers my threat.i tilt my head to the side confused and listen to his next words."you cant stay'll die.i'd rather die then have you die."he snarls in the darkness.his silver eyes watch my reaction in the dark.i merely walk towards him."then lets go."there's no affection in my voice just ice.

he reaches for my hand and i pull it back."but i need you to apparate us to the image i put in your mind."he says.i give him a long stare and hand him my hand.instantly a image forms of a gleaming beach.the waves roll up in dark blue rolls.the rocky shore gleams with white sand and marble rock.

i focus on the image and then i feel a pop and a suffocating minute of time.i open my eyes and see the beach.the scent of salt flows around me with the cool breeze.the moon glints off the water and it touches the soft sand under my bare feet.

Draco drops a heavy backpack to the ground and immediately starts to pull supplies out.a small tent is up in a second as Draco twirls his wand in a arc."here you will be safe.i'll come and visit you every day."he says.his eyes gleam with sadness in the dark."your not staying?" i panic starts to rise and then i remember im supposed to hate him.a twinge goes through my injured heart at the thought.

he shows me into the tent.its twice the size i would've thought.a large cot sits in the corner and i sit down and stare at the soft ground.a tear falls into my lap.i feel Draco sit down next to me."dont cry im here."he says quietly.i snarl through my tears at his simple words."you dont understand do you?!" i sob.his arm wraps around my waist in that familiar way."get way."i say but its weak and has no power.

he turns my face towards his.the shadows hide half of his face.the half of him that i'll never want to know.the half of him shrouded in darkness.his eyes swim with guilt and horrible fear.he cupped my chin in his cold hand.i tried my hardest to give him a icy stare but it withered away inside me along with my walls.seeing my defenses go down he leaned in to kiss.

i was filled with a slight stir of my heart like a brush of a birds wing.then it climbed madly at my chest.breathing hard Draco leaned me back against the hands tangled in his shirt and he ran his hand down my thigh.i shivered and tasted the sadness and desire on his lips."what have i done?' i whisper against his lips.he pulls away from my mouth and looks me in the eyes."you've done nothing."he whispered and leans down again to kiss me...


waking in the morning i find him mind and heart ache for him.i fold up the blanket and sit on the edge of the cot for what seems like insides twist with a hint of hunger and i slowly and mechanically empty the bag till i find a box of crackers and water.

i sit on the soft sand outside the tent and stare across the morning kissed glows with dawns first light and i sigh and wait for whats to come next in the hell i know call my life....TBC


authors note: i need help for the next chapter.just a few ideas would be alot of help.and i dont know if i should add Scorpius into this story or me decide! oh and please comment on what you think!


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