The Art of Poetry

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Chapter 5


by: yannis13
Memories faint.
Wishes of what could have been burned.
When life is dull.I travel back to a memory I know.
When I think this thought I begin to glow.

My past isnt perfect wishes are the same.
I wish when I was playing life I would have been the head of the game.
But that was just memory easily to fade.

One memeory was of pain.
That still lurks the deep corners of my mind.
Attacking my neurons.
Seeking anything to find.
Blinding me deeply.
Antarrogating my emotions.
Until POP they burst with rage.
Wishing I had never visted that memory again.

One Memory was the Kill
I had to confess
leaving me worried in such distress
I just couldnt take it
Tried to even fake it.
But they had my memories drawn like cold blood from my brain.

One was of sorrow
My mother teling me she would be back
But her lies had filled her mind with crack
Distraught as I was I thoguht to seek her
I cannot remember that memory
All see is a blur, then my words became a slur.

Memories hidden deep within the mind.
Decipher yours and seek what you can find.

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