True facts about me

here are some facts about me

Chapter 1

me :)

1. My full name is Stephanie Marie
2. My fave colors are gray and black
3. When I got my tonsils takin out my mom didn't know.
4. I'm a big baseball and football fan
5. Fave sport team is the Patriots.
6. I love listening to music.
7. Everyone says I'm mature for my age
8. I get distracted easily
9. The most inspiring person in my life is my cousin Josh
10. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for my friends,
11. My fave singer is rascal flats
12. My fave type of tv shows are the crime ones
13. My lucky number is 524
14. I only own one dress
15. I have lived in three different cities.
16. I want a pet fish named bubbles
17. I'm a big animal person
18. I tried playibut piano but it didn't work out
19. College of my dream is central Florida university
20. Twice I have tried to become a vegetarian both times failed


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