The Book Worm (A Remus Lupin Love Story) [Marauder Era]

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Chapter 4

chapter quatre

He pulled away and his eyes bugged out. "Um... I didn't.. I mean... uhhh... byee." He ran off the carriage and I just sat there and the other four (Lily, Alice, James and Sirius) stared at me. "What was that?" I asked, looking pointedly at James and Sirius. They stuttered out something I couldn't make out and ran after Remus.

"Looks like Kay got some Remus lovin'!" Alice sang as we walked in the opposite directions of the boys and towards the clothes shopping side of Hogsmeade. There they sold both wizarding and muggle clothes, as many of the students were now half-blood and muggle-born. We first headed into a casual clothes shop for trips like these. I stood there as my best friends argued which color of the shirt I should get.

"I'm already trying all these on," I said, holding up an armful of clothes dramatically,"So, I'll try both colors on then we'll decide."

"Always Switzerland in moments like these," Lily chuckled, shaking her head. They gave me a couple more objects of clothing to try on and shoved me a dressing room. I put on everything and decided yes or no until we got to the shirts that they were fighting over. Lily was arguing, "Personally, I think the blue brings out he eyes more." Alice then replied to that saying, "But the purple looks so good with her complexion!"

This banter went on for a good 5-10 minutes before Lily said, "Let's go find someone we know and let them decide." I was about to say something, like, I don't know, how I was iffy on the top, but they walked out the door, leaving me standing there. I huffed back into my dressing room when I heard my two best friends come back in explaining the situation to some, but I did not know who.

The two of them came and grabbed me and dragged me out when I saw who they had brought in. Of course, it had to be them right? The marauders, minus Peter of course. And they didn't look very happy to be there. Remus wouldn't look me in the eye, James probably came because it was Lily, and scratch that, Sirius looked like he was having fun staring at me. I was wondering why he was staring when I realized...

"Oh my god! Kay! I am so sorry! I didn't know you were only in your bra!" Alice had just realized this and was trying to apologize. And that, ladies and gents, would be why Sirius was having a fun time. My size D girls were just in their bra, and a lacy one at that. And it was probably contributing to the fact that Remus wouldn't look me in the eye.

"So, Mikayla," Sirius whispered in my ear after sauntering up to me, "How about that butterbeer?" I shoved him away and ran back in the dressing room, blushing. I heard a smack and knew it was Alice slapping him across the face for that. She always was not the one to control her temper. I put on the blue shirt and walked out, my cheeks still fairly pink. Lily was smiling and Alice was scrutinizing the shirt. Then I came out in the purple and they switched roles.

"So, guys, blue or purple?" Alice asked the boys.

"Personally, neither." Sirius replied with a cheeky grin. I blushed and looked at the floor, as I knew he was now smirking.

"Blue," James replied, obviously agreeing with Lily.

"Blue, it matches your eyes," Remus replied with a little blush to his cheeks.

"So, it's settled, I am getting the blue shirt. Sorry Alice," I said looking at her and shrugging my shoulders. She just shrugged her shoulders back and helped me carry my things to the register. All in all, I got new shoes, all of which were pretty high-heeled, and they had already thrown all my converse and other sneakers away. I'd probably break an ankle within two days. I got some tops, some more revealing than I though necessary, and some jeans (skinny), skirts (also too short) and a couple pairs of short shorts.

We were carrying the bags out when we realized the boys were still following us.
"Need something?" I called over my shoulder as I walked out with Lily and Alice in tow. "Oh, just wanted to hang with you girls as we have nothing better to do," Sirius replied, sauntering up and putting an arm around my shoulders, which I let go since he was gonna get punched by Alice again if he pulled anything.

The six of us walked into the Three Broomsticks and sat down at a booth, Lily, Alice then me on the inside on one side and James, Sirius, and Remus on the inside on the other side. "So, anyone do that Transfiguration essay due on Wednesday yet?" James asked. Remus and I raised our hands. "Ah, the two bookworms have. Of course." James stated after looking around the table. Remus smiled at me and I sent a shy one back then blushed and looked at the table.

Eventually, Lily said she had to go back and Alice said she'd go wit her, as they had homework, such as the essay, to start. James followed them out, dragging Sirius behind him, leaving Remus and me alone. It was quiet for a long time before I decided to speak.

"Why did you kiss me today?" I asked so quietly, I could barely hear myself, let alone him. But he did.

"I just... I've really liked you for a while now, and I couldn't stand you not knowing. I'm sorry for running away afterwards. I thought you might hate me even more," He glanced sadly at the table after saying this.

"Remus, I never hated you. It just... it made me feel really hurt and betrayed because we were such great friends and you just... abandoned me," I finished, a tear slipping down my face.

I looked up and he wiped it away. "I am so sorry. You do not know, how sorry I am. I wish I could just fix it," he looked so sad as he told me this. It was breaking my heart.

"Well, an apology is a start and I forgive you. Now about the kiss...." I trailed off trying to get back on topic.

"I'm so sorry! I mean I really like you and would underst-" I interrupted him.

"Don't be sorry! I kind of enjoyed it..." I blushed.

"So then, do you thing we could... try us?" He looked at me in the eye.

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