The Book Worm (A Remus Lupin Love Story) [Marauder Era]

I AM SO SORRY GUYS!!!!!!!! I have just been really busy. I know that's no excuse, but I'll try to post more often

Chapter 2

The Plan

A/N: ok guys, i know the titles not great... im still thinking of one just so you know... sorry im just not happy with it. ok on to the story!!! OH! and sorry i was the the beach for week and then i had... HOGWARTS CAMP. yes. it was a Hogwarts Camp!

It was Friday night. Lily, Alice, and my's night that we usually gossiped and hung out. But tonight was a little different. We were planning. No, not for Hogsmeade tomorrow. For our revenge.

"Guys... you know I'm no good at this, so I'm going to start my Transfiguration homework and I'll help carrry out the plan when you guys figure it out." Lily said. Alice and I just looked at each other. Whatever, we knew she wasn't that good so we let it go.

"Maybe.. we should prank them back?" I suggested. "Nahh.. they'll know something was up... They are the Marauders...." Alice trailed off, "But maybe we can do something kind of like that.." I was so confused. "What do you mean?" "Well you are gorgeous and we just gave you a little make over and took your nose of a book we could get them..." She continued after that but I didn't hear her. I did not like where this was going.

"That is a great idea, Alice!" Apparently Lily had been listening. "I mean, it would totally shut them up! And keep them from bugging you." "Let's do it," Alice and Lily nodded in agreement. "WOAH. woah. wait. Don't /I/ get a say in this?" "Nope." Alice replied, popping the "p". "But I don't wanna...." I whined like a six year old. Why don't I get to decide what I wanna do?

"Tomorrow when we go to Hogsmeade, you can buy some new clothes, but for tomorrow just borrow mine. I'll do you makeup and Lily'll do your hair." Alice said, msotly to herself, planning tomorrow. "I really am not getting out of this, am I?" I asked. They both just shook their heads. "Well, you better get your beauty rest. You'll need tomorrow." Alice winked at me and got in bed. I sighed and followed suit.

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