Sinful Desire: A My Babysitter's a Vampire Love Story

Sinful Desire: A My Babysitter's a Vampire Love Story

Sarah and Ethan have been having sensual tension between them for years. After Ethan and Benny are 17, will they finally step up and put forth an effort to tell each other how they really feel?

Chapter 1

Dude, Where's My Soda?

It was a Saturday night, and Sarah was babysitting again. Ethan and Benny were hanging out in Ethan's room. They had been watching marathons of 1000 Ways To Die.
Honestly, Ethan didn't know why Jane needed a babysitter. He was seventeen now and she was eleven. He could look after her himself. But at least he could see Sarah again; supposedly, she was in college, but that was just a story. In truth, she did go to college, but she was still seventeen. And she went at night with her friend, Erica.
"I'm getting thirsty," Said Ethan, getting up. "You want a soda?"
"Sure," Said Benny without tearing his eyes away from the TV.
Ethan smiled and rolled his eyes. He headed downstairs and into the kitchen. Sarah was sitting on the counter, texting Erica. She looked up as he approached.
"Hey," She said, smiling at him. Ethan couldn't help but smile back. She was so beautiful and sweet...even if she was a vampire.
"Hi," He said, walking past her to the fridge. "Where's Jane?"
"In her room talking to her friend on the phone."
"Have you been down here long?" Ethan grabbed two sodas and emerged from the fridge and closed it shut.
"Yeah. I'm getting bored." Sara sighed.
Ethan walked over, hopped up, and sat down next to her. He set the sodas down next to him. He was now aware that his arm was touching hers.
"Well..." Ethan sighed too. "You can come watch 1000 Ways To Die with me...-a-and Benny."
Sarah looked over at him. "You want me to?"
He shrugged. "Do you?"
As he said it, the distance between their faces grew less and less. He knew that they were friends but he really liked her.
"Yeah," Said Sarah. Their noses were touching now. He could feel her breath against his mouth. She smelled really good, and she suddenly started to seem more appealing to him as her eyelids started to droop.
Their lips met gently. When their lips parted, Sarah leaned in again and kissed him, a little more eagerly this time. Ethan's hand moved up her arm to cup the side of her neck, deepening the kiss. A low groan rumbled in his throat.
She leaned into him and he scooted back, pulling her down on top of him, their lips never parting.
Then a high pitched squeal filled the room. Ethan and Sarah broke apart abruptly and turned around in each other's arms.
Jane stood there at the entrance to the kitchen, her expression shocked.
"Jane-" Ethan started as Sarah got off of him quickly, straightening her skirt.
"I'm tellin' mom!" Jane said, running back upstairs.
"No, Jane, please don't!" Ethan ran after his sister, with Sarah hot on his heels.
"Jane, that's not a good idea!" Sarah agreed. She reached the phone before Jane could, snatching it from her bed. Ethan sighed in relief.
"What the heck is going on?" Said Benny, now coming in. "And where's my soda?"
"I just saw Ethan and Sarah-" Jane started, but Ethan and Sarah both covered her mouth, and the rest was muffled.
"Nothing!" Ethan and Sarah said quickly.
"She saw nothing," Said Ethan.
"Absolutely nothing," Sarah nodded in agreement. "I'll bring your sodas up to you guys."
She left the room quickly. Ethan released his hand from Jane's mouth.
"Jane, I'm seventeen now," He said to her. "Mom and Dad tolerate a lot more, especially Dad. So if you tell, I'm not gonna get in trouble, alright?"
Ethan left, pulling Benny with him into his room and he shut the door.
"Dude, what happened?" Benny crossed his arms.
Ethan swallowed, then turned around to face his best friend. "Sarah and I just made out."
Benny's eyes widened. "No. Way."
"Believe it. You wondered why I took so long."
"Good point." Benny paused for a second and then he grinned. "How was it?"
Ethan grinned back stupidly. "It was...a whole lot better than what I thought it was."
Someone knocked on the door. Ethan turned around and wrenched the door open. When he saw Sarah standing there, his heart skipped a beat-and she heard it too.
"I, uh, got your sodas," She said. "Can I come in?"
"Yeah, you can come in." He stepped aside.
Sarah handed him a soda as she stepped inside. She handed Benny a soda too, and she sat down on Ethan's bed. Ethan popped open his soda. He took a sip and sat down next to her.
Benny opened his soda and took a swig, watching them. Ethan sighed.
"Benny, can you leave us alone for a minute?" He said through gritted teeth and a tight smile.
"Fine," Benny muttered. He left unwillingly, closing the door behind himself.
Ethan turned slightly to face Sarah. "Can we talk about the kiss?"
"I think 'kiss' is kind of an understatement but yeah," said Sarah. "We can talk about it."
"Do you...possibly have feelings for me?"
Sarah nodded. "You?"
Ethan nodded too.
"What do you wanna do about it?" Sarah asked.
Ethan thought about it for a minute. This was his chance to finally have a girlfriend. A vampire girlfriend. But at the same time she was so human...
"We can, um, try being in a relationship," He said finally.
Sarah's eyes trailed to the side, nodding slowly and smiling a little as she bit her lip. "Okay." She looked at him. "Let's go for it."

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