My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

My Life in A Naruto High School! (Naruto Story, Read Da Intro!)

This story is altered! No one knows why Itachi REALLY killed his clan yet, so he’s still lying about it. Sasuke was never bit by Orochimaru, so he never ditched Konaha, and so he never went after Itachi. Naruto hasn’t fought Pein, so Konaha was NEVER destroyed. And none of the Akatsuki members have been killed. Ino’s the classical popular mean girl in school. Bad words are spelled WRONG on PURPOSE! Yuki ls the girl in the picture above. And yes, I did use flash step from the anime Bleach.

Chapter 1

Dakede; Meaning: Alone

by: ExShinobi
Name: Yuki Dakede
Age: 16
Clan: The Dakede Clan (all except Yuki were killed by Uchiha Itachi)
Appearance: long blond hair usually hidden under a cap, dangerous blue eyes. Usually wears tank tops and skinny jeans with converse. Wears earrings and a long black leather bracelet. (Look at da picture for da chapter)
bff's: Tenten and Hinata
Family: none
Skills: smart, specializes in ninjutsu, genjutsu, and tiejutsu
Notes: Lives alone/ student in high school
Relationship to Sasuke & Itachi: Used to be childhood friends until Itachi killed their clans.

Hi, I'm Yuki Dakede. Yuki means snow, and Dakede means Alone. My last name fits me, because I'm the last remaining survivor of the Dakede Clan, I'm alone. When I was 7, Itachi Uchiha killed all of his clan except his little brother. Itachi was walking by, and people in my clan saw the blood, so they tried to stop Itachi. And he killed them. I watched my mom and dad dye, stabbed through the heart by Itachi. He didn't leave me without a reminder though; he stabbed me in the stomach. It wasn't too bad, but when I start to cough, I cough up blood. I don't know why he left me alive, I wish he hadn't, I wish I would have died with my mom and dad, with my clan. But Itachi did something worse... he left me alive, he left me alone. Dakede.

I start to cough. I stop and lean on a tree, trying to not cough too hard so blood won't come out of my mouth. I stop coughing, I stand there, gasping.

"Yuki! Are you alright?" Someone yells. D@m I think, pulling myself together.
"Hi Tenten, hi Hinata!" I carefully say, trying to smile.
"Hi." They say together. Please don't ask-
"What was that?" Asked Tenten. I put on a clueless look.
"What was what?" I ask. Tenten looks at me suspiciously, and I smile.
"Come on or we'll be late." Said Hinata. I sighed, glad the subject changed.

Everyone knows that Itachi Uchiha killed my clan, leaving me to live for no reason. Or if he did have a reason, then he must have failed to mention why. Because it was the same question everyone wanted to know, why. People figured that Itachi left Sasuke live because Itachi couldn't kill his little brother, because he loved him too much. But Itachi had no reason to keep me alive. And that made people scared. Scared of me.

Hinata, Tenten and me open the doors and enter a teenager’s worst nightmare, school. Or close to their worst nightmare anyway. We each parted to our separate class. I open the door to go inside my classroom and walk in, taking my seat by the window. Everyone around me moved away. People were not just scared of me, they were terrified. Thanks for nothing Itachi, absolutely NOTHING! I think staring out the window. Someone sits behind me, and another person sits beside me. I keep looking out the window, not caring.

"I thought I would sit over here, since it looks pretty empty!" Ino says Sneers. I look away from the window, and rest my eyes on Ino. I smile my most cruel and scary smile.
"Were you talking to me?" I ask, still smiling. Ino's eyes get wide and she looks up at whoever's behind me, and she blushes, gets up, and walks to the other side of the room with everyone else. I turn my head back to the window, and sigh. I hear laughing behind me.

"Good job." I hear behind me. I turn and see Sasuke Uchiha grinning at me.
"I thought you never smile." I say, hoping he'll leave me alone, nope.
"I don't actually. And neither do you." He says, watching me. I look away.
"You have a point, I guess." I say, thinking back. Yup, he has a BIG point I think. "Why are you talking to me? You ignore me and look at me weird." I say, hoping he'll move, wrong again. He didn't get to say anything, because Naruto comes over. He slides next to me and puts his arm around me. I look at him, then at his arm, and then back to him.

"If you want to keep your arm, then remove it." I say, my eyes flashing. Naruto goes pale, and leaves. I hear laughing behind me again, but I don't turn around, I just look out the window.

Walking home after school

Stupid Ino, stupid Naruto, stupid Sasuke I think. I shiver, and I know its coming. I hide behind a tree and try to get fresh air in my lungs, trying not to cough. I cough into my hand, just once, but that was enough. I pull my hand away from my mouth, glad it didn't get too far. On my hand is blood. I shiver, and sit down.

Someone comes from the other side of the tree. I quickly close my hand and hide it behind my back. I look up and see Sasuke. I sigh and look away, wishing he'd walk away, wrong... again.

"What was in your hand?" He asks. I'm still looking away.
"Nothing important." I say. But it is bloods important. I sadly think.
"Whatever." Sasuke says walking away. Good, he left, baka.

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