Opposites Attract (George Weasley love story)

This is my first love story like this. I doubt it'll be any good. I got lots of inspiation from different love stories so if you reconize(sp) I'm giving you credit.
Apperance: shoudler-length reddish brown hair, brown eyes, tall, and stronger than most girls.
Name: Saphire but goes by Macy.

Copyright stuffs. I give credit to whoever I need to.

Please excuse my typos. I'm bad about that and I often don't notice them until someone points it out or I read through it many times.

Chapter 1


"No! Please don't!" I pleaded. My wonderful uncle was tattooing the dark mark onto to forearm. I was left in tears after he finished. I was sent to live with my uncle in England after my parents were killed in our peaceful home in America. I raced upstairs to get everything I need. I decided to run away. My wand, a little bit of food, water, and a blanket. A shoulder bag held everything for me. I slung the bag over my shoulderand waited. Waited until midnight, positive that my uncle was sound asleep. I sneeked towards the door. My arm was seering with pain. The dark mark was glowing red. I dropped to my knees and held in my screams. I took in a deep breath and managed to walk out the door. I managed to walk a few blocks down the street. The pain was becoming unbearable. I gripped my forearm and dropped to my knees once again. Everything went black.

The next day
I slowly blinked my eyes open. I was in an unconfortable bed. I glanced around the room. I saw a sweet-looking old lady and a guy about my age standing on both sides of me. "Whats your name sweetheart?" the sweet old lady asked kindly. "Where am I?" I kinda yelled. The guy next to me snickered. "That's a funny name. 'Where am I'!!" My mind was filled with questions. Where am I? Who are they? Should I tell them my real name? "Saphire," I answered quietly. Saphire is my real name but I'm not giving out my last name. I'll use my mother's maiden name. What if they were wizards and I told them my real last name? They wouldn't believe it. "Whats your last name, dear?" the old lady said. I hesaited and said, "Johnson." The old lady patted my arm and got up. "Tyler, leave Ms. Johnson alone. I don't want you... doing anything to her" the old lady warned and left. "Hi Saphire. I'm Tyler," he said rather blandly. I just glared at him. "Well, night." He left as well. The old lady soon came back with some hot chocolate. I don't know why she did. It's the middle of summer. "Who are you?" I blurted out. "Ms. Geyer," she responded calmingly. "Drink," she commanded as she gave me the hot chocolate. "You'll feel better." I obeyed and gulped it down. "You're in a an orphanage," Ms. Geyer randomly said, as if she was reading my mind. I thought I would like it here. I wish I knew how wrong I was.

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