The Ultimate Battle

The Ultimate Battle

Twilight, Harry Potter, LOTR, all included

Chapter 1

Team 1 and Team 2

Team 1: Control freaks
1)Bella Weapon: small knife

2)Ron W: Wand

3)Gandalf W: Staff and sword

4)Dumbledore W: Wand

5)Paul (Werewolf) W: Paws and teeth

6)Voldemort. W: Wand

7)Umbridge W: Wand

8)James W: Vamp teeth and strength

9)Jasper W: Vamp teeth and strength and mood control

Team 2: The Hobbitses

1) Snape w: Wand

2)Edward W:Vampiness

3) Frodo W: Sword

4) Sam W: Sword and elven rope

5) Rosie W: Knife

6) Celeborn
W: Bow and Arrow

7) Elrond W: Bow and arrow

8)Bilbo W: Walking staff

9) Cave troll w: club

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