Cursed by Love .....(Sirius Black Love story)

Hey guys, I hope you like this , it will connect to my Fred Weasley love story some day...Anyway this story has been in my head for a while...
Name: Jennifer White
Apperence: Dirty blonde, very wavy hair, Hazel eyes
Bio: An Australian girl born and raised moved to the uk with her sis and bro after her parents die but has a secrect, shes a mermaid. every full moon
Family: Sister: Jessica , 22 yrs looks like her sis except with brown hair. Jake 16 blonde pretty much a surfer dude but smart

Chapter 63

A Ring?


It was snowing today. Of course it was snowed on Christmas day,(it seemed to always do that) but today it looked different. Maybe it was another one of God's gifts he gives to the Brits. After living here about six years, I was still not use to the idea of white fluffy things falling from the sky and inhabiting the streets. But I thought it was beautiful.

"Got your coat?" I ask Sirius who was standing bored at the door with James and Remus. The five of us were going into town again before we left for Hogwarts in a few days.

"Oh thought I was forgetting something." He smiles at me as I shake my head. Sirius was always forgetting something that he needed before he left to go places. "I'll just go get it."

"No it's okay, I'll grab it. I have to hurry up Lily anyways." I tell him and start walking up the stairs, "I'll get you one that actually matches too!"

I heard James teasing Sirius about is habit of miss matching his clothes. Walking down the hallway I saw that Lily's door was shut so I decided to just go and get her after I grab the coat. I braced myself to see the guest bedroom. Three boys in one room for almost two weeks. Can't be good!

"Fewf." I sigh looking at the room. It wasn't that bad for their standards. It looked like someone had been sleeping on two mattresses and one on the actual bed. It didn't take me too long to find one of Sirius' coats. I picked the black leather jacket- I always thought he looked like a spy or something when he wore it.

Shaking the jacket to get the unknown crumbs off it when something falls out and hits the floor with a small clink. I put the jacket across my forearm and bent down to pick up the object. As soon as I saw what it was, I nearly fell down in shock. A Ring

My hands shook and I cursed as I picked it up. It was kind of like my sister Jessica's engagement ring. I felt almost sick thinking about it. An engagement ring? Was he going to propose? Was he?! I stood up and dashed down the hall way to find Lily.

"Open up Lily!" I pounded on the door and she opened in looking as panicked as me.

"What on earth! Jen-" She starts to say then I hold the ring up to her. "Oh my God."

I walk into the room and shut the door behind me. "Do you know anything about this?"

"God no. Does he think you're pregnant or something?" Lily asks me. I groan. "Are you!?"

"No Lil! I am definitely not freakin' pregnant!" I tried not to yell at her. "We're too young to be getting married Lily!"

I sigh and slump onto the unmade bed. I hope the guys couldn't hear us. If Sirius was planning some surprise proposal, I didn't want to be the one to ruin it honestly.

Lily sat on the edge of the bed by my legs, "Well if he asked you, would you say no?"

I think every little girl's fantasy is to find that prince charming, get married and live happily ever after. 3 steps. Though for me it was more like 10 steps. Sirius and I have been through almost everything. But was it odd I never thought about marriage with him? Isn't that what dating is, finding someone to marry? Maybe it was the thought of commitment that scared me...

"No..." My heart pounded. I felt sick again. "I would want to say yes. But like I said, were so young. I mean my sister is getting married and shes like 29!"

"I think if you really love him, it doesn't matter. It's not like its illegal Jen." She says with a little laugh and stood up. But she was right. I sat up, grabbed the coat and put the ring back. We left it at that and walked down the stairs to the guys.

"That didn't take long..." Remus sarcastically says and prepared for me to playfully hit him. I didn't bother to like I usually would. Instead I handed Sirius coat right over to him.

Sirius helped me into my coat, "You going to be warm enough love? It is snowing."

"Yes, remember I don't get cold. Perks of being a Mermaid." I smile a little as he takes my hand. He had put gloves on unlike myself.

"I thought that was just with swimming," He says as we walk behind Remus, Lily and James.

I shook my head, shutting the door behind us. "No, I mean snow is water- I don't know I'm fine though. Definitely fine."

"Mermaid Shmerimaid it is bloody freezing outside!" James says over hearing our conversation.

"Is there something else bothering you?" Sirius quietly asks me, probably knowing James or Remus would be listening in.

Maybe the fact that you have some engagement ring in your pocket is freaking me out! "No. "

Sirius just nods. Usually he would press me more for an answer, today I'm glad he didn't. This caused an almost total silence between us, which threw me off. Sirius always has something to say! He is a proud member of the peanut gallery for god sake! Ever since winter break he has been like this. Does the ring have something to do with this? Oh God.

I needed to bring up something to bring this whole ring thing on sooner. Thankfully James and Lily were being all cute and couple-y near us in front of the restaurant we were going to eat at. "Did you ever think they'd end up together?"

"Uh yeah I guess. I mean it took a long time and bickering, but I had a feeling." Sirius says looking at me, "What about us? Did you think we'd end up together?"

"Yeah I kinda thought so...I mean it was a long road to get here but-" I couldn't think of the right thing to say obviously.

"But you didn't think we would?" Sirius asks again. That question made me a little on edge, so I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"Why do we need to talk about this right now?" I almost whisper to him. Maybe I went a little too far with that question.

Sirius opened his mouth to say something when Remus came out of the restaurant saying, "Got us a table!"

"Give us a minute." Sirius says thankfully not sounded upset or mad. I wasn't either, I was just nervous. And now we were alone. Just him, me and oh yeah that ring!

"Sirius, what I said, it just didn't come out right." I tell him straight away so he knew I wasn't angry. "Today has just been stressing me out. I'm sorry."

"No, I shouldn't have asked you that. It was just a dumb question. Why are you stressed?" He actually asked now. Should I tell time I found the ring?

I thought about it for a second and closed my eyes then it just spilled out, "When I got your jacket earlier, a ring fell out and it scared me Sirius. And if you were going to ask me to you know...well you know- just ask me and get it over with!"

"Okay, Jenni, just listen to me for a second? I'm not proposing to you." He says calmly. I open my eyes. He held both my hands comforting me.

"Your not?" I question him sighing. Great now I'm upset he wasn't. A look of shock ran across Sirius' face.

"Unless you wanted me too, I can!" He got down on one knee and dug his hand into the side pocket of his jacket and got out the ring.

"No Sirius! You don't need to. I'm just sort of relieved you weren't. Not because I don't love you or I don't want to be with you. I just think that were too young to get married right now..." I say hoping he followed what I was saying.

He let out a sigh, "Okay that's good. I wasn't prepared for a proposal, I would have done something exciting...and got a better ring."

"Well however you did it wouldn't matter to me." I tell him laughing a little.

"Yeah. Oh this is just a promise ring by the way...This isn't going as well as I wanted it too go. I forgot all of what I was going to say" His nervousness was actually "But I just want you to know and to remind you, how much I love you. I love you way past the moon and all the way back, Jenni. So that is why I got you this. And I hope it doesn't scare you too much that I said that."

I smiled and let him put the ring on my finger. Now that I looked at it, it didn't look so engagement-y. "No, it definitely doesn't. I love you way past the moon and all the way back too."

"Was that too cheesy?" Sirius chuckles and stands up again. We started walking into the restaurant...

"No not at all dear."

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