Cursed by Love .....(Sirius Black Love story)

Hey guys, I hope you like this , it will connect to my Fred Weasley love story some day...Anyway this story has been in my head for a while...
Name: Jennifer White
Apperence: Dirty blonde, very wavy hair, Hazel eyes
Bio: An Australian girl born and raised moved to the uk with her sis and bro after her parents die but has a secrect, shes a mermaid. every full moon
Family: Sister: Jessica , 22 yrs looks like her sis except with brown hair. Jake 16 blonde pretty much a surfer dude but smart

Chapter 3

On the train where you meet new people........

The month before I went to Hogwarts seemed to drag on and on, It was a week before we went and yesterday I had gone to 'Diagon Alley' and got my stuff, I was pretty excited when I got my wand, it was 10 inches, made of Rosewood, and at its core was Unicorn hair. After I just paid for the wand my brother rushed me out so he could move on to the next store with his 'new' friend he had just meet, we walked over to the Owl shop to pick out something. I was wandering around when a small owl flew up to me, it looked like it was a Barn owl judging by the face. I held out my arm and it hopped on it.
"You seem very nice" I said petting its small head with my finger tipes
''Would you like to come home with me?" I asked not expecting it to answer, but it nodded its head
"Wow ok then...." I ran up to the registor and paid for it waiting for Jake and his 'new' companion to come out of the store
''How 'bout I name you.......Bonza? Hmm is that a good name?" It nodded its head again and I laughed at the thought of me talking to an owl. "Bonza's what..what my dad used to call me"
I sat there for another 15 minutes before my brother came out.
"Did you get anything?" I ask standing up
"Ya " He says and shows me a large grey owl with brown speckles all over its body.
"Nice" I say and we head back to our so called home
"So what did you name her?" Jake asks me
"Umm Bonza" I say
"Like what dad used-"
"Yes, like dad called me" I said trying not to think about that too much, I'm still not over their deaths and I don't know if I ever will......

~~~Train station~~~ - link
Packing was a terriable but Bonza kinda helped me out. She would fly my clothes into my suit case and put other things away. I enjoyed having her around alot, she also somewhat help me try to get over ...what happened with my parents, somehow she understood what I said when I talked to her. I finnished packing my last bag and lugged it down the stairs with Bonza right behind me, she hated being in her cage so I didn't bother I knew she wouldn't fly off. Went I got down Jess and Jake were already down there waiting for me. Once we got everything together we left for the Train Station.
When we got there Jess stressed the issue of my safety to Jake and told me not to go wandering off somewhere I could be kidnapped or something like that I wasn't really paying attention, I knew what to do and what not to.
"Ok you two....becareful" she says and hugs me "Oh are you wearing Moms earings?"
"Oh ya I guess I am" I say feeling my ears
"Well I'll see you two soon I have to get going I have an interview" she says
"Bye Jess" I say and walk along side of Jake who was loading two carts with our stuff.
"So where Platform 9 and 3/4 ?" I asked reading my ticket
"Beats me" he says
"Huh we have to find it before the train goes without us!" I say but he ignores me
"Oh hey Jake" a boys voice says, it was Jakes friend from Diagon Alley
"Hey" Jake says
"So do you know how to get to Platform 9 and 3/4?" I ask and he chuckles
"I've been finding it very well since I was 11 so I think I know where it is" he says and we follow him. He tells us to just run threw this wall and you'll get there. Jake doesn't think about it much and just runs threw with Kyle (his friend)
I look around at all the 'muggles' rushing by me probably late for work or something. Should I trust them? I mean Jake got threw so I should right? I take a deep breath and run to the wall, I close my eyes right before I go threw it you know just in case it didn't work. But I guess it did because I'm here! I think.....well ya that Train says Hogwarts Express so ya I made it!
Obviously Jake has ditched me, what a great big brother right? I push my cart over to drop my stuff off, some steam from the train blew past knocking my hat off my head, it drifts away leaving my hair blowing in my face.
"Great" I say to myself. Bonza screeched a little, she was pretty mad about being in her cage.
'I'll let you out once we get there" I say to her. I take my bags off the cart, I brush my hair back with my fingers and let it flow to the side.
"I belive this is yours" a boys voice says, I look up and see a boy about my age with shaggy black hair and really brown eyes holding my hat.
"Um ya ..thanks" I say and take it from his hands
"I'm Sirus..Black" he says and holds out his hand
"Jennifer White" I say and shake his hand
"Judging by your accent" he says and picks up my other bag and puts it in the train "your not from around here"
"Yup Australian" I say " and I take it your from here"
"Yes born and raised a brittish gentlemen" he says a bit cockily
''Really?" I say arching my eyebrows
"Totally but I'm think you doubt that" he says sarcastically
"Well its just most 'gentlemen' don't go around wearing....'Question Authority' t-shirts" I say pointing at his shirt
"I like this shirt" he says laughing
"Ya I bet you do......anyway I better get on the train..maybe I'll see you around?"
"Definitely" he says grinning, I smile back then walk off.
Right before I get on the train I felt something land on my shoulder, I looked at it and it was Bonza.
"How'd you get out?" I whisper. She clicks her beak together, and I sigh.
"If your quiet" I say and put her in my bag. She pocks her head out lifting the flap of my bag to give herself some air then goes back into it.
I walk onto the train and onto the hall area to find somewhere to sit. There was alot of people talking, laughing with each other. If that doesn't make someone uncomfortable then....I don't know. Just the fact that I don't know anyone here at all makes things ,...akward.
I finally find an empty compartment. I sit down and take off my hat and cardigan. I'm not to fond of winter clothes, even though its summer here, it was nothing like sumer in Australia. Thats one of the things I'll miss the most......
I take the half eaten 'Daily Prophet' out of my bag, Bonza must have got it. I could only read, well half of it. I heard two people talking outside the compartment door.
The door opened revealing......Sirius Black.
"Oh look its the Australian girl" he says smiling ...........again.

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