Cursed by Love .....(Sirius Black Love story)

Hey guys, I hope you like this , it will connect to my Fred Weasley love story some day...Anyway this story has been in my head for a while...
Name: Jennifer White
Apperence: Dirty blonde, very wavy hair, Hazel eyes
Bio: An Australian girl born and raised moved to the uk with her sis and bro after her parents die but has a secrect, shes a mermaid. every full moon
Family: Sister: Jessica , 22 yrs looks like her sis except with brown hair. Jake 16 blonde pretty much a surfer dude but smart

Chapter 2

What happens now? part 2

~~~1 week later~~~~
The day I was leaving was getting stranger, my parents were always looking out the window , locking the doors behind them and always looking over their shoulders.
"Ma what are you looking for?" I ask stopping her gaze out the window. She whispers something under her breath
"Nothing honey....did you get all your stuff?" she asks
"Ya..." I slowly walked to the door probably for one of the last times, I still can't belive their shipping us off to England, or Pommi land as Jake called it. I walked to Jess's car, a red jeep, and stuck all three of my bags in. Jake was standing outside of the car and Jess was in it but Dad was no where to be found.
"Wheres dad?" I ask
"Should be around here" she says looking around,then I heard glass breaking from inside the house, we all turned our heads, all the windows started breaking.
"Their here" mom says quietly and starts running to the house with her wand out, I follow her unarmed, with Jess and Jake chasing after me.
"Jenni come back!" Jessica yelled but it was too late I was in the house behind my mom looking for dad. I looked towards the Kitchen and saw three people standing in it, my dad and two hooded people, with masks, they were fighting , they shot a spell at my dad, it was green, my mom ran to him.
He was motionless the two men started to look at me but Jess grabbed my shoulder
"Get her out of here!" My mom screamed
"But mom-" I yell
"Hurry!" she says then looks at the men " I love you three, don't forget that!" then a flash of green light hit her, she was........dead.
I felt cold tears running down my cheeks. Jake pulled me out of the house right before the hooded man could send a spell to me. We ran to the car but before we could Jess set a spell to the house lighting it all in fire, then she started the car. I was shaking in shock as I shut the car door, we drove off fast but I took one last look at the house. The Flames concealed it everywhere the roaring fire was there was no place untouched by it.
"What the H3LL just happened Jess" Jake says, she looks at us threw the miriors
"It wasn't suppose to happen like that" she says calmly "They weren't suppose to die"
When she said 'die' I had the memory of the green light flashing play back in my mind, I started crying...alot enough for Jake to actually comfort me.
My parents are dead, my house is gone, my lifes over.......
"What are we going to do?" Jake asks
"Follow the plan...go to Britian" she says
"P-p-plan w-what p-plan?" I ask threw the tears
"Those people are after you Jenni, thats why mom and dad wanted you to go to be safe there" Jess says
"B-but why?"
"They want to use your gift" she explains that they were people called 'Death Eaters' who worked for and very evil guy, who she didn't name.

~~~A while after~~~~
I must have fallen asleep on the plane because I don't remember what happened after the car ride, all I knew was that we were in Britian now. I rub my eyes to get the tired look out of them but it just made them water. I still wasn't over what just happened. We made our way out of the air port and into a new car, a tiny car for that matter. Everyone here sounded alot differnet even though a long long time ago we came from here.

~~~More time later~~~~~
My head was against Jakes shoulder, when I woke up again. I don't know why I keep falling asleep, maybe its just the time difference.
"Are we almost there?" I ask strenching my arms out and hitting the roof of the car.
"Almost" Jess says
"Where are we going anyway?" Jake asks
"Some place called the Leaky Cauldron" Jess says unsure of it.
"Who names a place 'The Leaky Cauldron' " He asks
"Brits" I say lighting the mood.
"Well here it is" Jess says pulling into a parking spot right infront of some old run down pub
"This is it?" I ask in disbelif
"Yes they bought us perment rooms here till we could do something else" she says
I shrug and unload my stuff. We walk into the ,,,,'place' and are walked to our rooms. I guess it wasn't so bad atleast we had somewhere to stay, My bedroom seemed very gloomy but I'm kinda depressed right now so it felt good, it had a white canapy (sp?) bed and very old looking floor boards and dresser. I ploped my suit case on the bed and looked at the room.
"Its time to start" I say to myself.......this was new, not being with my ...parents and just my siblings, not having them say good night or good one to call me their little Bonza because they were ........gone.

(A.N...........Hey hope you like it I promise Sirius Remus and James will be in the next one please keep reading and commenting! Love Fish)

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