Im Sorry :/

Im Sorry :/

I Love You :)

Chapter 1

Goodbye For Now

Ok so I'm sorry that I'm only telling you now, but I wasnt sure i could deal with reactions from some of you. As of tomorrow i will not be on quibblo very often, if at all. I'm leaving tomorrow for a summer camp that ends at the beginning of august. I'm going to be a couselor so I will be home for one weekend in July, but other than that I dont really expect to be able to get on but maybe a couple of times. I will miss you and i hope that no one gets mad at me in my absense. I just wanted to make sure that no on thought that i was leaving them, or mad and ignoring them. I WILL be back and I will miss all of my friends until I am. Until Tomorrow afternoon at 4 I'll be takling to you all like crazy :) Until I come back, remember, I love you :D


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