The Battle of Hogwarts (Boys v.s. Girls)

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Chapter 1

The announcement that started it all

Amber's POV

So there we were, all sitting in the great hall. I was telling Ron not to shove all the food up his mouth, but of course, he was barley listening, just nodding his head. Just then, Professor Dumbledor tapped his goblet with a spoon and the Hall went quiet.
"Now, before we go to our dormotries on this fine Friday night, I have a announcement to make." Everyone that wasn't paying attention suddenly got intrested. "This year, for our school, we have decided to have a battle of Hogwarts. Boys against girls." There was a second of mummers, then, everyone went quite again. "And just to make this clear, when I say boys against girls, I mean every boy in every house against every girl in every house." The whole Hall was silent, like, you could hear someone drop a quill.
"The battle begins on Monday. Now, everyone off to bed!"
I couldn't belive it. Every boy against every girl. Just when me and Ron became a item. We all made our way to the common room, and every person in Gryffindor was in the common room. The head boy and girl were leading the meeting.
"Now," The girl said. "Just because we all our going to be sepreated, we're Gryffindors, no matter what. So just remember that. Anything else to add, Kyle?" She asked the boy.
"Uh.... nope. You said everything, Lila." He said. What a suckish Head boy. We were all dismissed, and I kissed Ron good night and went upstairs

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