some are form movies and some are from books and some are from tv shows.

Chapter 1

heyy watz up

"Good mornining sunshine.The Earth says hello."

-Wille Wonka

"They call me White Knight."
"Oh?Why is that?"
"They're not gonna call me the Black Knight."

- Iggy and Sharon

"OKLAHOMA!!!! Home of dustandos and icestorms that kick (a) $$."

- Aphrodite

"I dont were pants at my house,I'm not wering them at your house."
"That was a mans (a) $$."

-Markis and Roxiane

"Seeing battles is hard,if you're not used to it."
"It's not a picnic even if yor are used to it."

- Fang and Max

"Besides I dont look good in blue."
"Are you kidding?You take blue to a whole new level."

-Kelso and Fezt(sp?)

"Drop and give me 2."
"2?!? Thats a bloody lot!"

- Hunter and Brady (See check this out on youtube to understand)

"A slap in the face is an insult.A slap in the back of the head is a wake up call."

- Gibbs

"The should have ended it with you.This is instanty(sp?)"
"Yea.5 bucks it takes him down on one knee."
"Ohh.Your on."

- Chris Rock and Adam Stanler(sp?)

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