Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 16

Chapter 1

Chapter 16

by: ImBack_
Jason's POV:
As we pulled back she whispered, "I love you"
That sent my heart into frenzy. I don't know why. The word 'love' always grossed my out. Time to bring on the 'stone face' So you never know what I'm feeling, Even though I clearly do love Kendra. How am I supposed to seem so tough and rock hard when she makes me melt like this?
"I'm sorry Jason...I didn't mean to say that...uhh...let's just act like it never happened okay?" She begged, she looked worried, embarrassed, and disappointed.
Spit it out, Jason. Spit it out.
"I...i..I love you too," I watch a smile burning at the corner of her lips, "Chick." I added, I watched as she giggled.
"Are we starting that whole chick thing again?" She asked grabbing my hand.
Who would have thought I, Jason McCann would fall in love with the daughter of a cop?
Definitely not me.
Kendra's POV:
I feel like I'm flying at the moment. I was lying on the bed, with Jason next to me as we flipped through the channels.
I flipped to the news hearing, "Jason McCann was recently-" Jason grabbed the remote and changed the channel.
I looked at him a bit confused, "I thought I just heard your name." I said about to grab the remote out of his hand. He drew his hand back and shook his hand, "Nope, come on let's watch FBI's most wanted." He switched the channel. I glanced at him for a sec. I'm pretty sure I heard his name.
I hope I'm not wrong about Jason, cause the feeling I'm getting is saying, 'This is right!' but there are signs saying, 'This is wrong'.


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