Everyone Hates Us {Gaara} But We Don't Hate Eachother {Sabaku}

Everyone Hates Us {Gaara} But We Don't Hate Eachother {Sabaku}

Emiko was never a normal girl. Like all the others from Suna, they looked at her as if she was an outsider. Some even feared her. Just because of what she had inside. Like her clan, she was tough. She had seen her mother kill her father and didn't even shed a tear. She was heartless. One day at the Ninja Academy she meets someone just like her. Sabaku no Gaara. They've been friends since then. Now Gaara is Kazakage. How does Emiko feel about her beloved best friend now? She doesn't know.

Chapter 1

Best Friends Forever

I grabbed my ninja pouch and refilled it with kunai's and shuriken. I grabbed my two kentana's and strapped them to my thigh. I was getting ready to escort Gaara to Konoha. I had no idea why though. Since I've never been to Konoha I actually decided to wear something appropiate for the occasion.

I decided to wear a black kimono with a red obi. I had stuck a pink rose in my silver hair. I actually like the way I looked as I looked in the mirror. I turned around, examining myself. The curls in my hair would fall lie a water fall. I straightened out the obi once more before walking out of my house.

Temari didn't glance at me at all as we made out way to Gaara's office. Of course, that wasn't new. My cold and heartless demenour had frightened her. To be honest, I had changed. It was right after the Chuunin Exams to. Two sand mist ninja's that we were fighting had stabbed Temari through her stomache. I had applied pressure to the wound and wrapped it up with some long leaves since we could only have our ninja supplies with us.

Temari never thanked me. No one did. that was a secret that was kept between Gaara and I, yet she still treats me like a stranger. Something in her eyes, though. Whenever I bring up the Chuunin Exams something flicker through her eyes. I know deep down inside she remembers, but for now I just let it go.

Temari knocked on Gaara's door. It was silent, so she took that as a come in. My red eyes starred back at his green ones. Black circles from lack of sleep circled his eyes. Gaara's arms folded, he wa obviously agitated. What did Kankuro do this time. His eyes softened as he saw me. I wanted to let a smile show, but I supressed it. I would only smile infront of Gaara and only him. Not even my father has seen me smile. Isn't that just a great father daughter relashionship?

"Why are you dressed up?" He asked looking over my outfit. My face stayed emotionless like his. That was one thing I loved about Gaara. He had a way of never revealing anything. Of course, like the demon I am, I had observed it and slowly picked up on it.

"This is my first time going to Konoha. I wanted to look presentable." I bit the bottome of my pink lips. They were surprisingly naturally pink, even though my skin was pale. I guess beauty was also a great thing to have when you have something sealed inside of you.

"Hn." Gaara got up afrom his desk and grabbed some papers. He looked back at his sister. "Temari, your assistance is no longer needed. Your free to go."

Her dark green eyes eyed both me and Gaara suspiciously. I looked at her with a black expression. I've been doing that alot lately. I guess you could say that I'm trying to make friends with these people that I've known for eight years. "Okay, Gaara." She said in a shocked tone. "I'll inform Kankuro. Be carefull." Gaara nodded. Temari closed the door behind her as she left.

A warm smile grazed my features. I smiled back up at my best friend. "So, what's so important about this mission?" I asked walking next to the red head. He gave me a small side smile. Not a forced one either. A real one. One that he would only show when he's around me.

"Were going to delivers these papers to the Hokage." My smile faltered slightly. I was kinda disappointed. I thought we would be staying there a little bit longer. Maybe even meet this Naruto that Garra said changed him.

"But," Gaara added. "We have no reason to rush." My smile replenished and turned into a full out grin. A low chuckle filled Gaara's throat. I heard it because I had great hearing.

People starredat us as we walked. Well, mainly me. Instead of the cold glares I would give out in my childish years, I had kept a blank expression on my face. They didn't necessarily fear me like most villagers had done before. Ever since I started using my blank innocent face people had started opening up to me, but they would still stare if I walked pass them.

I clutched onto Gaara;s arm and tensed up. I hated having all eyes on me. Gaara looked down at me. He looked over my expression and sighed. He grabbed the hand that clutched on his arm and placed it in his. "Calm down." Gaara whispered in a low hushed voice. "They all know your not the same."

You shook you head. "They still se me as a heartless killer." I whispered back, barely moving my lips.

Once we made it tout of Suna I was so releaved. Gaara starred at me as I started to hum lightly. Noticign his stare, I looked back at him. "What's up with you, Romeo? You look like you've seen a fallen angel." I chuckled slightly at my words, as they turned Gaara's peach colored face slightly pink. He averted his gaze.

"Nothing. I just never knew you could sing." A frown slowly formed on my lips. The song I was humming was the one my mother would hum to me at night before father killed her. At that age, I didn't know why. I still don't till this day. Now he regretts his decision and wishes that he could bring her back, but we all know that the dead cannot rise again.

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